5 Super easy ways to lose weight without trying and without dieting

posted by Chris Valentine

Struggling to shed off that excess weight? You’re among friends. Ask anyone that has gone through the weight loss process successfully and the first thing that they will tell you is that the road is filled with challenges designed to make you fail. Lucky for you, science and research say that it’s not entirely your fault.

In a world where everything is so accessible and readily available, who can blame you if you weigh a little more than you did a couple of years or even months ago? We live in a world where you can summon food with the simple click of a button and where your pizza gets delivered free of charge if it doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes. 

With these kinds of perks, it can be hard to diet and eat healthily. And yet, the best way to control your weight is by watching what you eat so that you can maintain healthy body weight. But we all know that’s easier said than done- our bodies simply crave food that’s bad for us regardless of how damaging it can be.

So why do we find it so hard to eat healthily? The answer to that question is a little complicated, yet simple at the same time. You see the human taste buds are genetically engineered to crave high calorie, fatty foods, which were necessary during the stone age for hunting, gathering, and surviving. 

However, human beings have advanced so much that we now create foods that are much better tasting than what’s found naturally in nature, which is why you’d rather choose that juicy burger over a healthy quinoa salad.

The bad news- we’ve become addicted to processed and fast foods, which were created for our convenience. The good news- this addiction is reversible but it takes time. It’s almost impossible to stick with a healthy diet after you’ve gotten so used to eating French fries for years.

Diets make sense in theory but they aren’t really practical. This is because they are often monotonous, boring and many are typically unsustainable, which just makes the weight loss process a lot harder than it needs to be.

To lose weight successfully, gradual, smaller changes must be introduced to one’s routine. Start with simple swaps such as replacing your daily morning doughnut with Ezekiel bread for instance. As you continue to progress, you can then challenge yourself by tackling another piece of your diet puzzle such as quitting sugar.

Are there other ways to lose weight without dieting? Absolutely! If you are looking to try, here are 5 super easy ways to lose weight without trying and without dieting:

Participate in an activity that you love

There are plenty of surprising ways that you can shed extra calories resulting in an effortless weight loss process. You may not even think that taking part in a simple activity counts as exercise, but it can. For instance, even though mopping and dusting may not seem like a workout, studies show that sweeping the floor for an hour can help you lose as many as 240 calories.

Here is another activity that you probably engage in often that can help you lose weight- playing ping pong.  Ping pong may be a simple activity that allows you and your loved ones to bond on slow weekends, however, what you don’t know is that on average, you’ll lose 350 calories for an hour of ping pong and up to 500 if you play competitively. As such, if your ping pong table has been lying around unused, it may be time to get it out of storage. Don’t have one? Check out this article on the best ping pong tables to buy in 2020.

Consider trying CBD

CBD products have been garnering a lot of attention in the last few years, and for good reason. The list of benefits associated with CBD is long and they include weight loss. Until recently a lot of individuals only associated CBD with cannabis

However, while CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it is devoid of THC, which is the psychoactive compound that is responsible for getting users high. Research on CBD based products is still in its infancy but some researchers claim that it can be used successfully for weight loss. While consuming CBD alone will not magically make you lose weight, it will boost your metabolism so that you can shed off the excess pounds that much faster.

Stop dieting and concentrate on nourishing your body instead

When you diet, you effectively starve your body of key nutrients. So rather than diet by eliminating certain foods, you should concentrate on eating as many high-quality nutrient-dense foods as possible. 

If you find yourself craving junk food such as cookies or pizza, the best thing that you can do for yourself and your weight loss journey is to indulge but in moderation. When you stop restricting yourself, you will soon begin to find yourself attracted to healthier high-quality nutrient-dense foods to replace those salty-sweet snacks that you should stay away from.

Work on improving your digestion

If you are not digesting food properly, then there is no way you can lose weight because you’ll find yourself constantly starving for nutrients. If your digestive system is compromised, you will be unable to effectively extract the nutrients needed from the food that you are consuming.

Plus, digestion problems can lead to a whole host of complications that include inflammation and stomach pains. To improve your digestive system, one simple thing that you can do is to start including fermented and cultured foods such as probiotics, which will help to normalize your digestive system.

Fix any sleep problems that you may be having

When you don’t get proper amounts of sleep, your body fails to function as it should, which often leads to weight gain instead of a loss. Sleep deprivation causes the hormones that regulate your hunger and appetite to fluctuate. 

For instance, the hormone leptin, which is responsible for suppressing one’s appetite as well as encouraging the production of energy in the body is reduced when we are sleep deprived. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple way to lose weight faster, consider fixing any sleep problems that you may be experiencing.

Final Words

Sticking with a traditional diet or workout plan is not always the easiest thing to do. It can also be hard to find time to work out especially if you are a busy individual. Most people have tried dieting, few have loved them and many almost always ditch them before time is up. So, is it possible to lose weight without dieting or exercising?

Totally! As vital as exercise and diet are vital to staying healthy, these are not the only factors that encourage successful weight loss. Rather, you can lose weight simply by changing other areas of your life- and these tips above will help you jump start your journey so that you can continue living your best life.

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