How to Control Pests During the Covid 19 Pandemic

posted by Chris Valentine

Pests have been a significant concern to the public, especially since the existence of the Covid 19 virus into the world. The virus has brought about unimaginable consequences, which no human ever thought of their presence in the world today. The effects of the virus have forced businesses to shut down their premises due to the government ordering them to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease. Despite the closure of the companies and the economic drawbacks faced by many, the pest control business is booming now more than ever before. Surprisingly, the pest control services have gotten termed as part of the essential service providers whose businesses are not restricted and services required at large.

The shutting down of businesses such as restaurants has caused devastating effects not only to the owners of the restaurants for no business transactions to take place but also to the pests which the restaurant hosted. Due to the absence of the food from which they received from the restaurant for survival, these pests tend to flee to the residential properties where they seek new shelter and food. The pests seem to be working from home, but the homeowners can then share their pest’s home spaces with the pests. Nothing could be more devastating than being forced to conduct businesses from one’s home only to realize the increase in the number of pests in the environment. Now that the problems are loose, the public should get informed on the various pest control methods during Covid.

Methods of Pest Control During Covid

There are two main methods of controlling during the period of the Covid virus. These methods mainly depend on whether or not the experts who perform the pest control exercises shall be physically present. These methods include:

Non-Contact Method

The non-contact method is when the clients are sent instructions and the necessary tools to get the job done. Using the sent instructions by their pest control company of choice, the client is expected to follow the steps to execute them as instructed for the task to turn out successful. The non-contact method is highly advocated for by most people. It reduces the risks of contracting the virus from the pest control experts by minimizing the physical contact between the clients and the experts. The non contact method of pest control during Covid gets highly recommended, especially for low-level infestation situations for little expertise and technical knowledge is required.

The Contact Method

The contact method is when the experts to conduct the pest control activities are physically present in the pest-infested area. These experts have to avail themselves due to the clients not performing the tasks themselves even if the experts provided the instructions due to their complexities. The contact method is mainly advocated for when high-level infestations require experts to display their unique skills to action.

How to Prepare for The Contact Method of Pest Control

The clients should make adequate preparations to ensure that the pest control exercise is done successfully and carefully, with minimum chances of the Covid virus being transferred from one person to another. Below are some of the cautions which the client can observe to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the virus

Maintenance of Social Distancing

Social distancing has gotten termed one of the most effective ways of curbing the spread of the disease. Maintaining a distance of approximately one and a half meters is enough to prevent one from contracting the virus from those around them. If possible, those providing the pest control services should be left to work alone in the infested areas to prevent them from contracting or spreading the virus from and to the client, respectively. However, the maintenance of social distance can be made more effective where the persons wear their protective equipment (PPEs) accordingly, such as face masks, to prevent the spread of the virus.

Allowing Access to Infested Areas

The allowing of free access to the areas infested with the pests by leaving doors widely open shall prevent the spread of the virus when carrying out pest control during Covid. It will ensure that minimal contact between surfaces takes place. It will ensure that the virus particles from the infected persons do not settle on the door handles, causing the spread of the virus to those who come in contact with the contaminated surfaces. However, if there has to be reached between the service providers and the client’s environment, appropriate personal protective equipment should be adhered to by the staff performing the tasks.

Minimizing Movements

The more people contact each other, the higher the number of people likely to get infected with the virus. Therefore, it is recommended that the clients minimize movements within the areas that the pest control persons are servicing. It shall reduce the number of people who are likely to contract the virus due to intermingling with the masses.

The service providers should Enhance Digital Communications and Paperwork Between the Clients and Themselves.

Digitalizing communications and paperwork between the clients and the service providers are among the practical ways people can prevent the spread of the virus when carrying out pest control during CovidIt shall mean that no unnecessary physical interactions shall occur during the service delivering process unless when necessary. Communication between the clients and the pest control service should get maintained digitally, for both parties shall not contract the disease due to the physical difference of their location contributing to their safety from the virus. Similarly, the service providers’ paperwork between the clients and the pest control service should be maintained by the company digitally to minimize physical contact between both parties. Assuming the use of a pen and paper gets observed by the client to fill in their details on a particular document, the same pen and paper are used by the experts. The disease should have successfully gotten transferred from one person to another if sanitization wasn’t observed.

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