Roger Wolfson – 5 Reasons to Pick Up The Pen and Write

posted by Chris Valentine

The brilliant screenwriter Roger Wolfson used to always say in interviews that there is nobody out there who doesn’t have a story in them. This is something I always loved to hear from famous authors and by and large I do believe them to be correct. Everyone, at least once in their life, should look to pick up the pen and write something down. It doesn’t matter if this is a story, a poem, a song or even a diary entry, allowing yourself to express yourself on paper is something which everyone should have a go at, and here is why.

Who Knows

One of the most important things you may learn when you begin to write is that you may just be pretty darn good at it. The truth is that most of us really don’t know how good we are at something until we give it a try and the very same can be said for writing, have a go and then just see how you get on.

Creative Expression

We all need ways in which can creatively express ourselves and one of the best ways of doing just that is through writing. When you write, you release thoughts and ideas which you have harbored in your mind, and although you may not write them matter of fact, they will still be pertinent and from your own mind, regardless of what you may think.


Some hobbies such as writing and drawing allow you to completely escape reality for a short while, they enable you to take a break from the world and disappear into your own mind. This is the reason why so many find this kind of activity so cathartic. Again, no matter what you are writing, it will all help you to relax and be creative.


Once you have been writing for a little while you will really begin to surprise yourself with some of the stuff that you are able to to draw from your mind and put down on paper. This is something which so many people discover once they get started with writing and it is one of the most rewarding things about doing it, discovering that you have so much more than you believed that you did.

Mental Exercise

When you are writing you are constantly thinking up new ideas, new way of bringing ideas to the table and finding new ways in which to explore ideas. Vocabulary is not something which is just on the top of your mind, it is something which you actively have to explore and work hard on. The harder that you work on this the more that you can exercise your mind and in doing so you can greatly help your IQ and your general brain power.

If you are looking for a new hobby then writing could be the perfect way to express yourself and to see just how talented you really are.

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