Growing cannabis: 5 steps you should do

posted by Chris Valentine

How to grow weed? It’s safe to say that marijuana has been legalized in different parts of the country, and more and more people have started selling and growing it in a large number. But the reason problem is how to grow it with minimal expenses without compromising on the quality. Many of you might be interested in growing marijuana at home. Am I right? There are some simple and straightforward tips prepared by to take care of.

Step 1: Selecting the right space

How to grow weed indoors? The first and one of the most important things to remember is where you want to grow it. I mean you would have to select the right space because marijuana cannot be grown in all areas, all places. Ideally, you can devote a small space of your garden to marijuana and do not grow anything else in that area. For home growers, the numbers of available options are limited, such as they can grow weed in basements, garages, closets, and extra spaces where there is no hustle and bustle. It should the area where fresh air and sunlight remain available, and the hot air gets exhausted easily. Another consideration is the security of the place. It should be safe and secure so that the growth of marijuana does not get disturbed at any cost.

Step 2: Buying the grow light

How long does it take to grow weed? Another thing you should bear in mind is the purchase of garden equipment. You may not be able to grow marijuana in an area where there is so much darkness. Instead, you should buy grow lights in a large number because without lights, the plants cannot conduct photosynthesis and may never be able to grow according to your desires. It’s true that the sunlight will remain available in this place, but what about the night hours? Allow the plants to synthesize its food and conduct photosynthesis even when the sunlight is not available, and that’s possible only when light remains available 24/7 without any interruption. Ideally, you can select small HID bulbs that can provide direct light to the marijuana plants, and install them in sufficient number throughout the place.

Step 3: Picking up the setup, containers, and medium

You should take care of setup, containers, and medium. Besides best grow lights for weed, you need to check all these details to be assured of quality results. For example, the plant containers will be easy to carry from one place to another and can keep your marijuana plants within a limited range. The 4′ x 4′ flood trays are good to go with because they can catch runoff from your containers once the watering is done. The approximate price of such equipment is $100 or more depending on your requirements and desires.

Step 4: Selection of the nutrients

What type of nutrients are you going to buy for the marijuana plants? It is an important step to grow weed without any issue. You should be careful about feeding the plants, meaning watering will not be enough for them. You would have to provide them with minerals and other nutrients needed for their proper growth. For instance, during photosynthesis, they may require sugar or glucose which can be provided in the form of ready-made food. These are an instant source of energy and help the plants grow well and at a fast speed.

Step 5: Buying the clones or seeds

Where do I buy clones or seeds from? It is one of the major questions that may strike your mind all the time. For home growers, there are multiple options, such as they can buy the seeds from the internet or a nearby shop. You can place the seeds or clones in the cannabis grow box to be assured of its safety and protection. We request you to buy the seeds from the international sellers only that come with no legal issues. Locally, you might be provided with low-quality clones or seeds which can make you feel bad once the plants grow and you get to know that they are unhealthy.

Is it good to grow weed at home?

When you get the chance to read the cannabis grow guide, you will come to know that it is always good to grow weed at home. Since it has been legalized in different parts of the country, you can get benefited from its components in a better way without any fear of being caught by the police or anyone else. Studies prove that cannabis is good for human health. It helps cure cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other complications. one of the major benefits of cannabis grows room is that it is least expensive and can ensure the health of your entire family. If you are a housewife who has nothing special to do, you must grow its different varieties at home. It won’t cost you a lot and instead will benefit you as well as your family.


It has already been mentioned that the plants of cannabis are easy to grow and do not consume a lot of time of the growers. You can make it a full-fledged business if you are capable of growing high-quality cannabis plants at home. For that purpose, you would have to learn about its different varieties, forms, and the best time to grow. Ideally, you can grow them in the least-harsh environments and in the area where lots of fresh air and sunlight remain available. Do not take the risk of growing it in areas where there is darkness or the fresh air is not available. If you do so, the chance is that the cannabis won’t grow well and your time and money will be wasted.

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