Cannabis 101: 6 Things to Consider in Choosing a Dispensary

posted by Chris Valentine

With so many dispensaries in your town or city, choosing the best one can be somewhat challenging. While you can pick one based on convenient location alone, finding an ideal dispensary based on your unique medical needs instead of just proximity will give you an enjoyable experience.

Here are 6 critical things to consider during your search for a perfect dispensary.

1. Pick a conveniently located dispensary

With the large number of dispensaries in operation, it is possible to get one that meets your unique medical needs near your home. Spending your precious time and gas driving around town and/or through tight traffic to buy something you really need is a nasty experience. You should choose a dispensary located in a convenient area where you can comfortably visit on a regular basis. Additionally, some local dispensaries provide a reliable cannabis delivery service that will deliver the medicine right at your home or office. If you live in St George, Utah, and its neighborhoods, you should look for a perfect dispensary near st george.

2. Product variety

Most medical marijuana users prefer a certain strain, edible brand, or concentrate. Thus, there is no point of regularly visiting a dispensary that doesn’t have a consistent stock of your desired products. Your selected dispensary should have a broad collection of strains, ranging from indicas, sativas, to hybrid blends. Checking out the menu and product reviews of your nearest store before visiting will help you know what to expect.

3. Product Quality

Before paying for the product, make sure it is of high quality. Researching is the best way to find out the quality of the strain since you won’t be able to try the product before paying for it. Google search your local dispensaries and read customer reviews on various review sites. That way, you will find notes on marijuana strains, staff, and general opinions about the business.

4. Health and Safety

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable when buying marijuana. Find a dispensary with hospitable settings. Dispensaries may come in wide array of styles, ranging from clinical, spa-like, and laid back. Choose a store you find fun to visit. A good medical marijuana store should have security or shut front door. You should also feel safe every time you visit.

Stores should also strictly adhere to the recommended health and safety standards. They should post an approved health inspection either on a doorway or window. Medical marijuana should be grown, handled, stored, distributed in a clean environment and correctly stored. All workers should also adopt proper money handling practices.

5. Compare Prices

You should do some research to ensure your local dispensary is selling you the product at a reasonable price. Dispensaries will always have amazing deals to entice you to purchase. Compare the prices at your local dispensary to others within the locality to ensure you are paying a realistic price. Don’t concentrate too much on getting extremely cheap products since they may be substandard.

6. Availability of Patient Support

A reliable dispensary should provide you with information on different cannabis strains and effective ways of using them. It should have additional services, such as therapy, counseling, or yoga. It should also have competent staff.

Once you get the approval to use medical marijuana, you can start to explore the different dispensaries within your locality. During your search, remember to prioritize your personal needs. The 6 aforementioned factors will come in handy when selecting a dispensary that will give you an unforgettable, easy, and worthwhile experience each time you visit.

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