Hunstman Farms – Ideas Which Will Help Your Farm Bring in More Money

posted by Chris Valentine

The agriculture industry was already struggling in many locations and the pandemic has not been helpful in this regard. It is for this reason that places such as Huntsman Farms have been looking to do things outside of the box when it comes to their operations. Farms these days cannot solely rely on the production of meat, eggs or crops, beyond this they have to look at additional sources of income which they may be able too rely on. If you have a struggling farm then here are some of the ideas which you may be able to look into that will help you to bring in more cash in other areas of the farm.

Opening a Farm Shop

Originally the farm shop would have been a great place for you to sell things that had come directly from the farm. This could be honey, milk, meat and even some handmade items. In recent years however this sector has really grown and we are seeing farm shops which become restaurants and shops all-in-one. Cooking food from inside the farm and also selling wares from locally sourced producers is a great way to bring in some extra revenue on the farm.

Having Fun With The Kids

If you have large areas of land which is used as wasteland or which is left to farrow, then you could turn this space into a great adventure park for kids to enjoy. Much of this requires very little investment in terms of the infrastructure which you need, and it will really attract families to your farm. If you set this up in the right way then you can encourage people to first come to the activity area and then to move on into the cafe for a coffee and a cake before they go home.

Renting Out Space

Another idea which you could consider with the wasteland is to turn it into event space. There will be some level of permission and permits which you should look into from the local council, but generally these are easy to obtain and could prove to be a real money spinner for you during the good weather months. You could bring in fairs, food truck events and even some music events if you are able to attract the right level of attention. Usually you will change a set fee to the operators of the event, and potentially a small percentage of takings on ticket sales. As long as the land is left in the shape in which it was found, this is the perfect way for you to make some extra money from your farmland.

There is so much that you are able to do on the farm beyond the day-to-day work. The key to making it successful is to first look into the financials. There is little point branching out into something new if it is not going to make you the money that you need.

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