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How Much Money Do Actors Make on Average?

posted by Chris Valentine

When you think of extremely well-known actors, their net worth is well above the level of comfortable living. But what about the struggling actor? What about the ones that fall in the middle of these two extremes?

Continue reading to figure out the answer to this burning question: “How much money do actors make?”

Movie Actor Average Salary

There is nothing normal about the schedules kept by actors. Their days are long and irregular. Actors may be required to work early morning into the late evening. They might even have to work through the holidays depending on what their contract states.

So the number of hours that they work in a day varies based on all of this.

Hourly Wages

On average, an actor’s hourly wage is approximately $29 per hour. Actors on the lower end of the median are less than $10 per hour. Actors on the higher end might make at least $60 an hour.

Daily & Weekly Wages

Actors that work on daily wages, through the Screen Guild Actors and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), the actor labor union, can make up to $1,005. Those working on a weekly basis bring home an average of $3,488.

The SAG-AFTRA is the combined labor union that actors must be a part of in order to accept a job on a movie or tv series.

Average Television Actor Salary

The wages for tv actors, according to the Screen Actor Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) is the same as it is for movies unless they are given a major role. These actors are paid 10% than the average.

Thirty-minute episodes pay $5,528 for a five-day week. Hour-long programs are based on eight days, paying $8,884.

Richest Actors in the World

It’s no surprise that the top 10% of actors receive a lot of money for the hours upon hours of work that go into filming movies and television series. These are some of the highest paid actors in the world.

This isn’t true in all cases. There are plenty of actors who you would think would rank higher than they do. Some of the well-known actors that we all love don’t make all that much money. This might come down to projects that they’re given and what they are willing to go through.

It would appear that Jonah Hill only made $60,000 for his work in The Wolf of Wallstreet, while Leo DiCaprio made out like a bandit with $25 million. Hill didn’t need the money and it was a good opportunity because the role gave him an Oscar nomination.

This is just one instance where the actors were underpaid.

So, How Much Money Do Actors Make?

So, really, how much money do actors make? Do actors make good money? It all depends on what the budget is for the project and how well-known the actors may be.

The richest actors in the world are more likely to be selected for the higher paying parts, while lower-paid actors are struggling to find their next gig. And that’s all she wrote.

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