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Dubstep Santa by David Bass

posted by Chris Valentine

Dubstep Santa consists of three dubstep videos created by David Bass. The first Dubstep Santa video was released in December of 2009, the second video in 2010, and the third in 2011. David Bass goes by the name Daveyboyz on YouTube; he is a British writer and filmmaker who works out of London. He has done YouTube interviews with wrestler Chyna, members of the band The Zimmers, and the crew of the movie Avatar, including director James Cameron. He was also featured on ITV at the Movies.

Dubstep Santa 1

What do you want for Christmas this year? How about something that bounces? Like a dirty bassline!

The original Dubstep Santa track has over 6.5 million hits on YouTube and the song even topped the Dance/Eletronic chart at

Dubstep Santa 2

Santa hopes you’ve been good boys and girls this year. Cuz what do we give to boys and girls who haven’t behaved themselves? That’s right – a huge sackful of coal. And trust me – that coal is FILTHY!

Dubstep Santa 2 was created with help from Audio-Spektics, UK dubstep artists. It has over 1.4 million views so far.

Dubstep Santa 3

Santa hopes that you are good, and behaving as you should. With a ho-ho-ho and a ho-ho-ho. Welcome… to the GROTTO!

David Bass again got help from Audio-Spektics for Dubstep Santa 3.

Dubstep Santa 4 Cancelled

Unfortunately, David Bass has announced that there will be no Dubstep Santa 4, saying you can only make Dubstep Santa so evil… However, he has created other fun videos like Heavy Metal Farmer, Death Metal Vicar, and this one – Dubstep Dentist:

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