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Crazy Russian Man Destroys Car Showroom

posted by Chris Valentine

A crazy Russian man destroyed a Nissan car dealership in Northern Moscow by driving his Suzuki Grand Vitara into the showroom and running everything over. A 4 minute surveillance video shows 41 year old gynecologist Mikhail Kustov repeatedly ramming his car into the showroom front entrance; once finally breaking inside, he goes on a rampage, ramming into showroom cars and destroying desks and furniture.

Kustov arrived for a 3:30 appointment at the Pelican Auto (107-A Dmitrovskoye Shosse, Moscow, Russia), intending to pick up a Nissan Navara that he put in for repairs. At 3:52 he was told that his car was not ready. Apparently, that was the last thing Kustov wanted to hear – he developed a serious case of (off) road rage and tore up the place with his car. Security eventually broke through the driver side window to subdue him. There were no injuries, but plenty of thousands of dollars in damage.

Pelican-Auto’s statement:

“There is no logical explanation for these kinds of actions. Kustov not only caused major damage to the company but could have inflicted serious bodily harm or posed a threat to the lives of the people who were in the showroom. Let further conclusions be made by the police, prosecutors, the courts and, possibly, psychiatrists.”

Source: Moscow Times

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