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Gustavo Almodovar Left Channel 9 Four Years Ago

posted by Chris Valentine

Gustavo Almodovar has become something of a YouTube meme within the last few weeks. A Reddit user discovered the viral video just recently, even though the video itself – called “38 Seconds With Gustavo Almodovar” – was uploaded only a few days after Almodovar left Channel 9 four years ago. Here’s the video, which has become popular because it shows multiple instances of Gustavo Almodovar signing off – except he can’t seem to pronounce his last name without raising his brow and doing a little head shake. If you watch it too long, you may go insane.

Gustavo Almodovar actually performed his final report for WFTV Channel 9 (Central Florida) back in October of 2008. Since that time, he has been working as a marketing brand manager for Orlando’s Florida Hospital. Said Almodovar about the video:

“I’m not so sure it’s worthy of the attention it has received. Aside from friends and a few co-workers teasing me about the video, life has been quite ordinary. It’s like bubble gum. People will chew it for a little while, toss it and move on.”

We wonder what other gems have been sitting in the YouTube cloud for years, just waiting to be discovered…

The viral video hasn’t been “auto-tuned” yet. But until that happens, you can enjoy this remix:

Source for this article: Yahoo!

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