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Wagah Ceremony at the India-Pakistan Border

posted by Chris Valentine

The Wagah ceremony at the India-Pakistan border happens every evening at sunset. Wagah (or Wahga as the Pakistanis call it) is a village that is located in both countries – the middle of the village contains the Radcliffe Line, which is the border dividing them. Every day, before dusk sets in, a very interesting border-closing ceremony takes place. Large crowds gather to watch Indian and Pakistani border guards put on a little show, which includes goose-steps and lots of facial hair. Once the Wagah ceremony is completed, handshakes come out, flags are lowered, and the border gate between India and Pakistan is officially closed.

Wahga Ceremony (from Wiki Commons)

Wahga Ceremony (from Wiki Commons)

Let’s watch:

Extended Version of Wagah Cermony / Border Closing

Here’s an extended video of the ceremony, which includes the lowering of the flags and handshake.

During the ceremony (also known as the Beating Retreat Border Ceremony), people can be heard shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” or “Hindustan Zindabad” or “Jai Hind.” Since 1959 this ceremony has taken place.

Wagah lies on the Grand Trunk Road (called National Highway 1 on the India side) and is the only road border crossing between India and Pakistan.

Wagah Border Map (Google Maps)

Wagah Border Map (Google Maps)

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