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The Big Lebowski Motivational Posters Part 1

posted by Chris Valentine
Lebowski Motivational

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The Big Lebowski Motivational Posters

Part 1

The Big Lebowski is endlessly quotable, endlessly watchable. It’s a spoof of The Big Sleep, sure, but we also like how it unveils a group of different philosophies all fighting for their own inch of space in the great Los Angeles arena. Think about it – you’ve got The Dude, King of Extreme Mellowness, who just wants to take it easy but nobody lets him. Walter is the warrior/crusader, Smokey the pacifist, the police chief of Malibu a fascist (also a reactionary), The Big Lebowski a rich elitist, and of course, the nihilists.

We thought it would be cool to come up with Lebowski motivational posters. Some ideas just need to be plastered all over the office. Put one up in your cubicle and go get ’em, dude. That is, assuming you’re not unemployed.

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The Dude Motivational

The Toe Motivational

The Rules Motivational

The Jesus Motivational

Simplicity Motivational

Nihilism Motivational

Golfer Motivational

Cash Machine

Autobahn Motivational

The Dude Abides

Now available: Lebowski Motivational Part 2

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