Whole Home Surge Protectors: Know These 3 Things

posted by Chris Valentine

If you think you are keeping your home safe from all the perils, then think again. You can use sophisticated home security systems or invest in high-security locks, but what happens when you are faced with a disaster? Is your home prepared to deal with extreme weather conditions? This is the reason you need to prepare it for anything that life throws at you.

Everything these days run in electricity. Therefore, the best way to protect your home from any kind of damage is by being proactive. This is why you need to invest in whole home surge protector.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these protectors to make an informed decision.

  1. What Is Whole Home Surge Protection?

A whole home surge protector device protects all your appliances by controlling electrical spikes and limiting excess power by blocking its flow and directing it to the ground. Surge protectors are installed to a home’s electrical box. In case of a power surge, the device will safeguard home devices from harmful electrical currents.

A power surge can find its way inside your home through electrical appliances such as generator, communication connections, pool pump, AC etc. Therefore, all the devices inside and outside your house need to be protected. Apart from installing the whole home surge protector on your main electrical panel, it is also advisable to add protective devices to appliances.

  1. How Does Whole Home Surge Protection Work?

Whole home surge protector device is installed in your electrical panel to detect a voltage spike that runs through the panel. In case of a surge, the panel blocks and diverts it to the ground, thereby protecting your electrical systems from all harm.

They are a necessary contraption because they help protect your electrical appliances and the components from not just electrical surges but also from downed power lines, high electrical demand in your grid, and accidents caused by utility companies.

In these situations, surge protectors act quickly. In fact, these protectors no more than a nanosecond to react to an increased voltage level. Additionally, they also protects against small surges that may not be too drastic but can still cause damage to your appliances over the long run. Surge protectors help stop these minor surges too.

  1. What Are The Benefits of Surge Protection?

Here are some reasons why you must consider investing in surge protection:

  • It helps protect your appliances and gadgets: If you have plenty of electronic devices at home, then you must use the surge protection. All your expensive gadgets and appliances require protection from electrical surges that may cause damage to them over a period of time, if not immediately.

  • Try layering: A skilled electrician can help protect your costly electrical devices through layering. A layered system connects to your electrical panel and also at the point of use so that an extra layer of protection to your devices from any potential harm.

  • Keeps your electrical systems safe: Not only does the whole home surge protector keeps your home appliances safe but also your electrical systems against all harm. Any time the system detects a voltage spike, it routes the surge back through the breaker panel, thereby protecting all the electrical equipment at home.

Why You Need a Professional?

Do not entrust electrical services into the hands of a novice. They are not only dangerous but also requires immense skill to perform these services properly. Besides, you should not try to handle complex electrical tasks, such as installation of whole home surge protector, on your own.

An electric professional understands your electrical system and knows how to handle it safely. Therefore, you must only call a professional who will install the system for you and ensure that it works perfectly.

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