What Is An Evaporator Coil? Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Replacing Evaporator Coils can be a pain, but you need to get it done when they are having problems.

The evaporator coil is one of the most crucial components included in a modern heating and ventilation system. It is what allows the temperature to be controlled, and without it, your AC will not work.

These components use the principles of evaporative cooling to cool down the air that is pumped into your home by pushing the air through the coil and evaporating the excess heat away with whatever refrigerant is being used by your cooling system.

Some types of coils are able to control how humid the environment is inside of your home. This feature is mainly seen with units that have variable speed controls. In the summertime, when the house is being cooled off, the air is passed through the coil, which contains the refrigerant.

As the refrigerant is being pummeled with the air, it will begin to expand. This expansion puts it into contact with the coil hitch itself is functioning as a heat exchanger. These components are able to cool down the air when it is too hot or warm it up when it is too cold.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Evaporator Coil Damage

Replacing Evaporator Coils usually happens after the coil has to receive some damage, and it no longer works properly. This is normally the result of a few different things. The most common sources of damage to coils are fairly easy to identify without calling a professional as long as you know for what to look for.

There are two surfaces included in the coils. The primary surface is on the coil itself and only makes up about 30 percent of its overall surface area with the other reminding seventy percent of the surface area devoted to the finned secondary surface.

The most important part of the coil is the sections that connect the two different surfaces together. If these surfaces are not connected, they will prevent the air from being cooled, so it will not work.

As the bond is used over time, it can become less efficient. This is because the constant use of the companies has aged it so it will fail easier. There are things you can do to ensure there is no need to replace the coils by maintaining them better.

How to Handle Replacing Evaporator Coils

Most of the time, when one of the coils needs to be replaced, it is because there is not enough airflow that makes it through the coil. This happens when dirt gets lodged inside of the coil. Dirt accumulates when the air filters are not replaced frequently enough.

You can get this to stop from happening by replacing the filters. On the air conditioning unit each month. When these components are frequently replaced, it lets you avoid accumulating a ton of dirt in the coil, prolonging its useful life.

It is impossible to make a coil last forever because of the forces that they are subject to; it’s always expecting erosional processes. These processes inevitably lead to component failure because the components get broken down.

Once the problem is far enough along with its progression, you can go and get a new coil to replace your old one. Modern coils are normally useful for around two decades if you keep them well maintained, but often they do not last this long. They do not last this long because people respond to the maintenance of their AC unit.

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