Top Suggestions for How to Turn a Pallet into Furniture

posted by Chris Valentine

Going along with the times, and with more conscious people out there looking for ways to develop a greener and more ecological lifestyle, the thought of making use of pallets has now become a popular concept. The use of pallets for the creation of furniture, is a grand way to give your home that chic alternative look. With the use of pallets in projects around the home, it is possible to not only save money and help the environment, but, at the same time, make your abode one cool looking place to hang out!



Homeowners can easily use recycled pallets to build a whole abundance of pallet furniture, from tables, coffee tables, desks, frames for sofas, bar tables, book shelves, lounge chairs, shoe racks and on and on and on. Let’s take a look at a couple of easy projects that can be created for you at a respectable pallet business, or even by your humble self. If in W. Australia, check out pallet furniture by Pallet West for some amazing furniture designs, made locally by skilled craftspeople.


How about a REAL personal present? Even one for that beloved dog of yours! Think about that, how many dog owners would go so far as to make and give a neat, pallet dog house for their favourite pooch? If you have the simple skills, purchase some wooden pallets, (maybe explain to the store what you’re hoping to make and ask how many you will need), disassemble each pallet into functional sections that can then be used to make the walls and roof for a basic A-frame doghouse. Being even more recycle friendly, you can even use the nails from the pallets on the new doghouse construction, which even further reduces the cost of the project!


A doghouse is not the only kind of building that can be manufactured using pallets. It’s also possible to design and create is extra storage around the home, this can in turn be used for seating with the application of some comfortable cushioning. How about building a shed from pallets that is ideal for holding all manner of garden equipment? With a little bit of paint, it would be very difficult to tell that the shed was created from something such as hand pallets.

Hobbies Galore!

All kinds of hobbies can also be employed to make use of pallets. Artists can make primitive style art objects by painting directly onto the planks. Woodworkers can use tools to create rustic signs for use on post boxes, or house numbers which really stand out. With the use of a hobby saw, the planks can be cut and trimmed to create planters or small boxes for storage.


The array of possible uses for pallets is only limited by the limits of your imagination. Ideas for craft projects as well as some building projects can be found on online craft sites, or in books at your local library. Be creative, original and go for it!

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