The Most suitable Age for Child Circumcision

posted by Chris Valentine

More and more families are deciding to have their young sons circumcised, as it is hygienic, and if performed at the right age, it is a relatively painless procedure. Although circumcision has been practiced for centuries in different cultures, it is recommended that the child be given a general anaesthetic, as this makes it much easier for the surgeon.


Over 6 Months 

A boy under the age of six months should not receive a general anaesthetic, so the operation needs to wait until this time, and with a qualified paediatric surgeon performing the operation, it is over in a flash and the child will feel the minimum of discomfort.

Under 2 Years

After two years, a child would begin to feel discomfort if circumcision is performed, although the operation can be carried out at any age. It is generally accepted that the older the patient, the more painful the process will be, and with adults, the recovery period could stretch into months.

Why Circumcise My Son?

A good question, and one that many parents raise. Studies have shown that circumcised males are less likely to develop urinary tract infections in the first few years of life. In some countries, more than half of all boys are circumcised within the first two years of their lives, so it is a very common practice. If you have just had a son and live in Western Australia, Dr Jill Orford is an expert paediatric surgeon who can safely perform the circumcision in a state of the art operating theatre.

Cancer of the Penis

According to research, circumcised males are less at risk from cancer of the penis, and are even less susceptible to HIV infections, as the removal of the foreskin also removes an area where viruses and bacteria can survive.


This condition is caused by the urethral opening of the penis being in an abnormal position, and very often circumcision is the best treatment. If you are looking for a paediatric surgeon to treat hypospadias in Perth, there are online clinics that offer affordable surgery in the best of conditions. Typically, the foreskin is underdeveloped and removal is essential to allow the child to urinate without pain. The exact cause of hypospadias is unknown, although it is often coupled with un-descending testicles, and medical research indicates there might be a link.

Paediatric Surgeons

This specialised field of medicine involves surgically operating on children, and in many ways, it is different from performing surgery on adults. For something like a circumcision, it is essential for the child to have a general anaesthetic, and with a qualified surgeon at the helm, it is a relative simple process. If you are unsure whether to have your young son circumcised, talk to your doctor, and he or she can discuss the pros and cons of having the operation.

It is, of course, a personal choice, but if you decide to go ahead, wait until the boy is 6 months old, and then consult a paediatrician.

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