5 Ways to Stay Healthy Working a 9-5

posted by Chris Valentine

Stay Healthy

Working a 9-5 has a lot of benefits but it also has a lot of negatives. In creating financial stability and job security, the forty hours a week take a toll on those not used to the schedule. One of the negatives about a 9-5, is it can be difficult to stay healthy. Generally, a 9-5 is associated with a desk job, so with that taken into consideration, there’s probably not a lot of physical movement at your work. You sit at a desk all day, finish your to-do-list, and then make your dash to freedom. If you’re going to work out, it’s either going to be early in the morning, or after your long workday. Neither are that convenient, when you think about it. Despite the difficulties of finding time with a 9-5, there are plenty of ways to stay healthy. We’re here to give you some tips on how to do that.

  1. Exercise

Yes really, there’s no excuse. Find out which you prefer, rising early or mustering the energy after the workday. Then get it done. Go on runs or use tech like the BetterMe WorkOut app. Find a gym close to either your home (if you’re going in the morning) or your job (so you can let the traffic die down while you’re there or it’s easier to access your workout before going home and melting on the couch). If you’re exercising three times a week, you’re better off than over half our population. This is the other half of living a healthy life and it counterbalances your body if you’re not eating well.

Tip: If you’re really struggling to get your workouts in find an active hobby or sport with friends to learn. Volleyball or tennis are great sports that really get you moving.

  1. Eat healthy

It isn’t easy. Not everyone around you does it. You’ve worked all day and that burger sounds delicious. So does that smoothie, that soda, and those cookies on the counter of the company’s kitchen. A great diet is the key to health. That and exercise. However, it’s purely science that a proper diet will help reduce fat, lower cholesterol, and improve the health of your body. Learn to prepare meals (this saves lots of money). Eat light proteins and watch your carbs. Cut sugar out of your diet (this is hard, being that often things with caffeine have sugar in them — and all of us that work a 9-5 know just how much we need our caffeine). Over time, your body will adjust and produce more energy from the healthy diet. Check out a list of diets if you want creativity in building your own diet.

  1. Drink water

As a nation, we’re highly dehydrated. In fact, many things we drink that we think are hydrating us, are doing the opposite. Learn to constantly drink water. You’re supposed to drink a gallon a day and most of us hardly do that. Water will help with your energy level, help reduce fat, and help your digestive system. One of the ways to do this is to carry around a gallon jug with you at work (one you can buy at a local grocery store) and refill it every morning. Make it a point to finish it by the end of the day and it will do wonders to your body. Still not convinced? Learn the six benefits of drinking water to see the full list of benefits to drinking water.

  1. Eat breakfast

Many studies show that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because of our 9-5, it’s not exactly the most convenient meal of the day. In fact, the least so. Learn to rise a little earlier and cook your own breakfast. We’re not talking about Frosted Flakes and a donut, but a well-balanced meal. When we rise our bodies look for hydration and energy. If we give it the right nutrients from the get go, not only will we contribute to our overall health, but we’ll also create a better foundation for an energy supply throughout the day.

  1. Take the stairs or ride a bike to work

Well — if you work in a ten story building, maybe not, as that’ll probably make you late (depending on how early you get there). However, use this as a motto for everything you do. Whenever you can walk further, do it. If you have the ability to bike to work or on Saturday mornings, do it. You can find a ton of beautiful bikes to buy online. Try sitting and standing at work.

Staying healthy while working a 9-5 is not all that hard. What it takes is discipline, which is a great virtue to exercise regardless of the goal. Learn to monitor yourself and create time in your schedule for healthy activities and routines. Not only will you become healthier and (most likely) lose weight, but you’ll also have more energy while at work.

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