3 Reasons for a Guy to Have a Good Razor

posted by Chris Valentine

When you’re a guy with facial hair or trying to prevent it, you need the best in shaving equipment to get the job done.

That said is your shaving equipment making the cut these days? If it is not, don’t you think the time has come for you to get a shave you can trust?

With that thought in mind, take the time to do your homework and find a razor that truly delivers the shave you want.

Have You Used the Internet?

In your quest to land the best razor for your shaving needs, try the Internet first.

Not only can you do a Shave Mob review and reviews of other brands, but you can ask questions and more.

From shaving brand websites to talking to other guys you know who shave, find out what works.

So, once you have the right razor, know that using it is important.

Among the reasons to have a good shave:

1. One’s job – While some jobs one’s look is not all that important, this is not the case in many other positions. That said your work may well want you to look neat and trim. If so, having out of control facial hair can definitely be problematic. So, get a good shave and feel good about how you appear to your employer, customers and more. If you have a job where you come in regular contact with customers, it is important to look good. If your facial hair is all straggly and out of control, it could push some potential business away. Now, do you think your employer would be happy with you if you were losing business for them?

2. Dating life – Are you out of there on the dating circuit these days? If so, looking good is important for a myriad of reasons. For one, not too many women want to be seen with a guy who looks as if he only recently came down off a mountain. If you have a beard or goatee that has gotten out of control, can you in fact expect many women to want to be seen with you? Chances are the answer is going to be no. By taking the time to get a good shave each time out, your chances of making a good first impression and more go up.

3. Better hygiene – Last, a good shave means that one’s hygiene tends to be better. If you have a scraggly beard or goatee there is always the possibility of it itching too much. When it does, you may end up scratching your face over and over again. When that occurs, the potential for dry skin and even cuts can come to the surface. As ugly as it may sound, some guys with super thick beards or goatees may even get dirt or food in them. Now, what person wants to see this?

When you have a good razor, you can feel better about the shave you get whether you shave daily or every few days.

So, is it time you got a better razor and shave?

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