The Importance of Good Digestion to Bodybuilder Eating Habits

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you aware of the relationship between digestion and bodybuilding? Learn why good bodybuilder eating habits depend on great digestion now.

Did you know that our health begins in the gut? If our digestive system is not working properly it can lead to plenty of problems whether you are a bodybuilder or not. Are you aware of the relationship between digestion and bodybuilding?

Keep reading to learn why good bodybuilder eating habits depend on great digestion.


As a bodybuilder, you might be going through extreme lengths to consume all of the calories and protein that you need in order to gain muscle. The problem comes when your system does not absorb the right nutrients from the food you swallow. You are not getting the benefits you want from the food you eat instead you are getting the benefits from the foods that you absorb into your system.


Any nutrients that simply pass through your system without being absorbed go to waste and do nothing for your body. This is why learning how to increase absorption of what you eat is important. Always check reviews of supplements to see what other people are saying like Activated You reviews.

Digestive Enzymes 

Enzymes are a protein that exists in your body already but adding digestive enzymes to help break down the foods you have trouble digesting will give you more nutritional benefits. Double-check if the protein supplement you are currently taking has digestive enzymes added.

If your protein does not then consider taking digestive enzymes for bodybuilding to help you see better and faster results.


Al bodybuilders have to consume the right amount of prebiotics or fiber. To help your system digest food at the right rate you need to include insoluble and soluble fibers in your diet.

There are supplemental fiber products you can add to your regimen if you are not taking enough with your current diet. Prebiotics will also encourage the growth of probiotics which in turn will help you break down your high protein diet.


This beneficial bacteria helps you break down your food and absorb the foods you are consuming. Even though our bodies have probiotics naturally, taking a supplement will help process diets with a high protein intake like a bodybuilding diet.

Chew Your Food

If you are normally the person that inhales their food and is done before everyone, it is time to STOP. Take time to chew your food until you fully grind in your mouth before you swallow. You want to grind your food so that when it goes down to your stomach, the stomach attacks the partially digested food to help it fully digest.

Not chewing your food will lead to terrible digestive and health problems over time.

Bodybuilder Eating Habits Are Important

Now that you are more aware of the importance of digestion and adapting healthy bodybuilder eating habits you can get to work. It’s time to apply your newfound knowledge and reach your bodybuilding goals faster but most importantly healthier.

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