Understanding Your Pet’s Health and Safety

posted by Chris Valentine

Health and safety is applicable for all, both the human being and the pets we keep at home that’s why we protect ourselves from any hazardous condition from every place that we go, it maybe at the place of work or at home.in order to ensure that our pets are also safe, we have to think about there well being, we shouldn’t assume that pets are only there and they are not affected by the disease, for you information dog pets are more prone to allergic diseases than even human beings.

Why Protect you Dog from Fleas and Ticks

Everybody loves their pets and they always want to make sure they are well protected and safe from many risks that may be hovering around such devious fleas and ticks. One of the hardest places one feels mostly irritated easily is at your local pet store- searching all those thousands of flea pills for dogs available over the counter can be quite intimidating. Worry no more! There are several flea pills for dogs that will make your work much easier, going to the store will be just “pull and drive”.

Among the best flea pills for dogs well known for their effectiveness have the same benefits to their consumers some of these benefits include:

Reduce skin allergiesand infections:

Almost all dog owners complain about there dogs being infested with to fleas, which in turn trigger allergies and scratching. Obstinate scratching results in hot spots and other skin diseases. Giving the best flea pills for dogs can greatly reduce your dog’s risk of developing skin infections and other flea-related diseases.

Prevent tick-borne diseases

By using a preventative that kills ticks, you can help to reduce your pet’s risk of, Tick Paralysis, Tularemia, Canine Ehrlichiosis, Basesiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Prevent flea infestations in your home

The reality check is, you will never hear anybody who wants fleas in their home, It’s weird and uncalled for to hear a person living with fleas, not to mention the work that is related to fleas is just tiresome. Consistent cleaning, and fogging to get rid of them. Using the best flea pills for dogs can reduce the probability of fleas not only on your pet but also in your home.

Factors to consider when deciding to choose the best flea pill for your dog include:

You need to be clear on what typeflea and tick species are roaming your area.

For instance, Bravecto is considered to be a wide spectrum treatment. If you’re in an area where ticks are more prevalent, consider using Bravecto. Bravecto claims to eliminate fleas in a very short period of time with an efficiency of 99.9 %.

Know the age of your pet:

Bravecto is suited to dogs and puppies older than 6 months of age. Nexgard is best suited to dogs and puppies above 8 weeks of age. Comfortis is recommended for dogs and cats above 14 weeks of age and Capstar is suited to puppies and kittens above 4 weeks of age.

Your dog’s exact weight:

The flea treatment can only be used for a dog whose weight is well-known .you should always make sure you know your dog’s weight before you make a purchase.

Owner’s compliance:

We love our dogs but sometimes we can be quite forgetful with medicating our pets properly. If you’re on a busy schedule then certain medicines like Capstar may not be the best choice for you since you will need to give one pill daily.

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