The Stylish Switch – What is the Real Value of Property Styling?

posted by Chris Valentine

Property styling is a practice growing in popularity among people who intend to sell their homes and typically involves styling your property in hope that an optimised visual representation will yield more money from buyers. The results from property styling look relatively positive and is something that is considered a smart investment for homeowners to make. Although, the process of property styling can, at times, be complicated. Below I have written a guide consisting of everything you need to know in property styling.

Why Style Your Property?

Many people still ask what property styling is and why do we do it. Well, it is said that investing a little money into the style of your home when you’re in the selling process can add value to the overall expense of the house. According to many real estate agencies, property styling in Melbourne can increase the value of your home by as much as $50K and is highly recommended by across all regions.

The basic concept consists of investing money into the visual representation of your home in order to yield more when you sell. This process has become increasingly popular because of its positive outcome and has resulted in a multi-million dollar industry being formed. No matter what your asking price might be the benefits from property styling cannot be overstated.

What Does The Process Entail?

Now that we have established why property styling is a common practice, it is important to understand what the overall process entails. Most people will employ a property stylist and adopt their services, which typically involves arranging, replacing or adding different furnishings throughout the house to add an element of sparkle and glamour.

Usually, property stylists will offer different packages in which they may just offer recommendations or even go as far as rearranging or fully replacing furnishings throughout the whole house. The price of property styling is determined by which package you buy however the upfront cost isn’t something to be concerned with when you consider the additional value it offers when selling.

What Benefits Does Property Styling Offer?

As mentioned, the primary benefit associated with property styling is the additional value it offers when you intend to sell. One example involved a small Melbourne-based apartment listing that was on the market for $470,000 pre-styling. The property was on the property market for four months, with the asking price reducing to $450,000.

After it was styled with a budget of 2,625 the property was re-listed for $470,000 and sold within 2 weeks, yielding a return on investment of $17,375. These results speak for themselves, not to mention, property styling actually offers a variety of other benefits in the process of selling your home. Not only do property stylists aim to boost the overall price, but well-styled properties will tend to sell quicker and attract far more attention than ones that do not.

It is found that property styled homes on the market stand out over similar looking ones and offers more visual appeal when advertised on the internet or in the newspaper. Another ‘side-benefit’ is that when the stylists have done their part is that you will be already be half packed for when you move to your new house.

Where to find property stylists

Property styling is a competitive industry, meaning that you aren’t likely to have a hard time finding one. However, doing extensive research into an organisation that suits you is wise. Every property stylist will claim they can deliver outstanding results and add thousands to your home, however, not all of them will deliver making the decision process paramount.

All in all, it is clear there is value in property styling and good reason for it to be a common practice. However, this multi-million dollar industry is something homeowners should look into with care and consideration ensuring they employ the right processes with the main one being the proper choice of a stylist. In addition to this, following the above guide should see you making a smart investment into your property and adding value to your home.

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