Why Moving Out is The Bets Option During Renovation Work

posted by Chris Valentine

Each year there are more and more people enlisting the help of people like Lloyd Claycomb in order to improve their home. Many people are looking for more space, some want more rooms and others simply want a modernization of their home.

When large projects like this take place, the home owners are faced with the decision to either move out of their home whilst the work is being undertaken, or to stay in the home during the project. In my experience of this, I would wholeheartedly recommend moving out of the property whilst the work is being completed on your home, and here is why.

Faster Finish Time

When you are still in the home during the renovation process, builders and contractors will need to meticulously plan their work so that they cause you as little disturbance as possible. For this reason, the job will often take a much longer time to complete. If you move out of the home then the builders will have free reign to start and finish various parts of the project in order to get it completed in a much quicker time. Because you will not be there, the builders can work longer hours, leave things half finished until the next day and also do things like shutting the power down without worrying about it affecting you.

Bigger Change

There is nothing better than returning to your home to a finished job and it is a far better feeling than if you have watched the project throughout its various stages. If you want to have that ‘wow’ moment once the project is finished then move out and come back when it is all completed.

Less Risk

As someone who has stayed in my home whilst building work was being carried out, I can honestly say that moving out is far better thanks to the lower level of risk. When work is being completed you need to be on the constant lookout for tools on the floor, dirt and debris which you could fall over as well as one hundred other small dangers which present themselves when you are living on a construction site. Why bother taking the risk when you could simply leave home for a while and then come back when it is safe.

Cost Issues

If you do not have family or friends with whom you can stay with during this time then you may be worried about the cost of a hotel or apartment for the duration of the project. What I would say to this is to simply factor it in to the cost of the renovation work. The benefits of moving out far outweigh the disadvantages and relatively speaking the cost of moving out for a while is very small considering how much you are likely to be spending on the building work itself. Consider it a vacation and make sure that you leave the builders to get on and do their job with speed.

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