Make Your Home More Worthy with These Seven Remodeling Tips

posted by Chris Valentine

Although you might be happy with your home, it will not be long before you start thinking about ways to make it look more beautiful and offer more comforts and convenience. There is a significant benefit of home renovation and remodeling because you are adding more value to it. The more the home equity, the better you are placed to make use of it for securing finances that could make the home even better. That is a perfect illustration of how money can bring in more money. To get the best value from your investment in home renovation, you can think about making some of the changes suggested in this article.

Have a dapper siding

Appearance matters a lot for homes because it contributes a lot to enhance the value of the property. Therefore, creating the most impressive first appeal should be the prime consideration when thinking of remodeling homes. The siding of the house that catches the eye of visitors first is the place that you must pay attention to when drawing the agenda for remodeling. Avoid labeling your home as an upper-fixer, a term used for homes with siding in poor shape. Go for composite siding that requires less maintenance but enhances curb appeal. You can even think about cement board siding that has excellent longevity and needs no maintenance.

Make small changes in the bathroom

The bathroom is the most chosen place for remodeling, but you must be careful to avoid a massive investment since bathroom remodeling can be costly. Think about gaining advantage from minor changes that add value besides enhancing the looks. Changing the tiles that are old, replacing the tub that has become dull, and replacing the toilet and sink are some of the quick, easy and cheaper ways of giving an entirely new look to the bathroom. For breathing new life to the place, change the linens, replace the accessories and change the lighting fixtures.

Spruce up the kitchen

If you are revamping the bathroom, you should not omit the kitchen from your home makeover list. Making small changes in the kitchen will not be too expensive, and it will fulfill your needs of remodeling and provide the value and pleasure that you seek. Replacing wallpapers with a fresh coat of paint of neutral color will make the kitchen look more airy and spacious. Install bright stainless steel hardware that lights up the kitchen, and overhaul the lighting scheme by replacing fixtures and lights to add to the sparkle. The better you can make the kitchen, the more attractive it will be to homebuyers, should you ever decide to sell the house.

Avoid having too many customized rooms

With an eye on making your house attractive to homebuyers, you must avoid the lure of having too many specialized rooms created for specific use. Be flexible in creating rooms that have an all-purpose appeal so that you can make it ready to suit any occasion. Rooms with several windows, wiring for phone, and hardwood floors are quite versatile and have a general appeal that makes them versatile. The idea is to make the space converted in the way you want through remodeling without spending a fortune.

Renovate the attic

Renovating the attic is high on the agenda of home remodelers. Often the cramped space of the dusty attic is an excellent choice for home modeling. You can plan to convert it into a comfortable bedroom suite by consulting the professionals at 24-7 Premier, the company that undertakes home remodeling projects. Make the space airy by using several recessed windows, install custom seating arrangement on hardwood flooring, and create specialized built-ins that add value to space.

Create a deck for relaxing

There can be nothing more comfortable and relaxing than reclining lazily on the chair placed on the deck with a soothing drink in your hand. The deck becomes the most sought-after place during summer. Besides the comfort and convenience, adding a deck to your property adds considerable value. You can expect to earn 76 percent as return on investment. Adding a deck to your home would help you to match the improvements with other houses in and around the locality. When investing in the deck, follow the thumb rule of spending not more than $10,000, and keep the size about a third of your house.

Do not neglect the basement

Refurbishing the basement is another favorite house-remodeling choice that makes good sense. Firstly, you can make good use of the newly created space, and secondly, you can increase the attraction and value of your home. You can use the basement for treating guests by creating an attractive area for seating and drinking from the fabulous bar area that you have set up. Do not miss on the opportunity of using the basement to add character to your home besides adding more value to it.

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