Understanding the Rise of the Motorized Blind

posted by Chris Valentine

Window blinds have become a common luxury in the everyday household. Homes have them to keep out unwanted light from entering and unwanted eyes from peeking in. Recent technological advancements have led to the development of motorized blinds that many are turning to over their traditional counterparts. Motorized blinds share similar features and functions with normal blinds, but they possess qualities that make them stand a cut above. Their many ideal characteristics have even led to houses with motorized blinds having higher retail values.


  • Safety, Convenience, and Savings.

Safety and convenience are the two benefits that motorized blinds are best known for. These types of blinds are cordless and are instead controlled by a button, remote or even phone app. Thus, they are less of a hazard to young children who could possibly trip on a cord, and they provide less for a pet to make a mess of, as there is no cord that a possible cat, for example, could pull on and cause damage to. Motorized blinds are also ideal for the disabled and elderly as they require less dexterity to use, and the tools for controlling them tend to be in easier to access locations. The fact that motorized blinds can be operated at a distance and at a moment’s notice make them an attractive option to many. With motorized blinds, one can manage the amount of light they desire from the comfort of their bed or couch. They are also especially convenient for those always in a rush when leaving the house. Either a homeowner can open or close them as they are leaving and be sure they will stay in that position, or they can open or close them once they have left the house and arrived at their destination and still be certain that the blinds will be where they are desired. On the note of time and energy being saved by motorized blinds, motorized blinds can also save money. Motorized blinds often have superior insulation to general window blinds, which can cut down on temperature related bills. As they also take less effort to open, motorized blinds can encourage users to take advantage of natural light, which reduces electricity bills.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Visual appeal is an extremely valid reason for some preferring motorized blinds over traditional blinds. Their lack of a cord gives them a modern vibe that is growing in popularity. Motorized blinds are also widely customizable, with a variety of options to choose from, so they can suit any style of home décor. Many motorized blinds have batteries that are powerful, but quiet, so there does not have to be a fear loud or irritating noises when managing a home’s windows. These batteries are often in inconspicuous locations to further add to the blind’s sleek appearance. On top of offering aesthetic appeal themselves, motorized blinds can also protect the aesthetic appeal of a house’s other elements, for example furniture. Over-exposure to sunlight can cause home décor to grow faded, and motorized blinds can offer protection from this.

  • Compatibility with Smart Home Technology

The world is constantly evolving and technology is becoming more prevalent in all aspects of life, especially at home. Many of today’s homes are equipped with smart home technology, and motorized blinds just so happen to be easy to incorporate into pre-existing smart home systems. The combination of motorized blinds and a smart home system offers many desirable functions. For instance, one can choose an ideal room temperature, and if the room exceeds that temperature, the motorized blinds can close automatically to block out the sun and eliminate the need for air conditioning. They reverse can be done if the room happens to be cooler than desired. One can also set the blinds to open and close at certain rates as well as certain times. This is ideal for if one seeks to have their blinds open gradually in the morning so that they can acclimate to the sunlight rather than being awakened abruptly, and if they want this function performed at a certain time each day. Another instance of smart home systems and motorized blinds working in conjunction is smart home systems turning off house lights when blinds are opened in order to maximize natural light and reduce electricity usage. The link between motorized blinds and smart home technology can also improve home security. Motorized blinds can be operated from outside the house, so homeowners can be sure their blinds are closed when they are away so that they can be positive there is no one looking through their windows. They can also be made to open and close at certain times while homeowners are out on vacation to give the illusion that they are home. Such actions can be used to deter potential thieves. These features can also be used if a homeowner simply wants to protect their privacy.

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