Beating stress: 4 healthy habits to help you along

posted by Chris Valentine

Some have suggested that technology is to blame, while others believe that stress is a condition that is just much more understood. Regardless of which camp you sit in, if you suffer from the S-word, life isn’t pleasant. Your mind is constantly bogged down, and it’s something that can ruin relationships, work and so much more.

In truth, doctors are much more aware of stress and how their patients can implement tactics to beat it. However, in a bid to help you along your way, we have put together a list of habits which can make your battle against stress much easier.

The power of stimulants

As we all know, stimulants are pretty big in modern-day life. When we refer to stimulants, it’s not about illegal substances, but more about the likes of caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.

All of the above have so-called short-term benefits, which give you that buzz which can make you feel as though you can take over the world. However, over the long-term, all have been found to actually increase your stress levels.

Giving these substances up can be difficult, and it’s probably best tackling them one-by-one. In the case of cigarettes, consider making the switch to e-cigarettes which can at least ease you out of all of the issues that the standard options present.

The magic N-word

This time, we’re referring to ‘No’. In short, we don’t use this word nearly enough and it means that many of us just become overloaded with things to do.

Whether it is at work or at home, start to realise your limitations. Agreeing to everyone’s requests might seem easy to do at the time, but over a long period this is where things start to build up. Ultimately, your stress levels follow suit.

The relationship between sleep and stress

Believe it or not, this next point should be easy to implement. Unfortunately, most of us are not receiving nearly as much sleep as we really should be. According to experts, a lack of sleep causes a direct correlation with a rise in stress levels and as such, this is an area you should be looking to combat as a matter of urgency.

It can all come down to more exercise

As you will have probably realised by now, a lot of problems are seemingly rectified by exercise. One could argue that stress falls into this category, with the first area it takes care of being sleep. Suffice to say, if you can get out and stay more active, you’ll be doing wonders for your shut-eye. Not only will exercise tire your body so you sleep more easily, but it will also boost the quality of your sleep. Ultimately, you’ve just tackled the topic in the previous section of today’s article.

In terms of more direct benefits, exercise is something that prompts your endorphins. For those unaware, these are the hormones that make you feel better about yourself. It means that your levels of stress suddenly drop – and this is regardless of the activity you take on. They are all equal although if you are looking to “relax” somewhat, try yoga or aerobics which are highly-regarded for this.

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