Can Medical Cannabis Assist With The Treatment Of Brain Cancer?

posted by Chris Valentine

Patients have known, much longer than legislators have, that medical cannabis can be an effective treatment for pain and nausea.  Before medical marijuana laws were passed, cannabis activists often pointed to the plight of cancer patients.  These patients suffered from pain and nausea as a result of their cancer and treatments.  Meanwhile, the only remedies legally available to them were expensive prescription drugs, many with unpleasant side effects.

Things have changed a lot since a decade ago.  Now you can get cannabis delivery in Los Angeles, even for conditions far less severe than cancer.  It is important not to get carried away about the healing properties of cannabis, though.  It is not possible to cure cancer simply by searching for “weed delivery near me.” In terms of consumption methods, there are number of options. Some patients prefer to use a vaporizer because it does not produce smoke (vaporizers work at a temperature below combustion). Others prefer to use a glassbong or dab rig because of the water filtration these devices provide. All of these consumption devices can be purchased discreetly at a trustworthy online headshop.

Cannabis Is Highly Effective Against Nausea

Cannabis is a powerful appetite stimulant; just think of how quickly a pizza disappears when you have the munchies.  Meanwhile, severe nausea is a common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  Cancer patients who undergo one or both of these treatments often lose a lot of weight, further weakening them.  Relief from nausea improves their physical and mental well-being.

Before the medical community gave serious thought to medical cannabis as we know it today, they acknowledged the anti-nausea potential of THC. Marinol, an anti-nausea medicine made from THC, has been prescribed to cancer patients since the 1960s.

Cannabis Does Not Cure Cancer

While it can relieve pain and nausea, cannabis is not a substitute for other cancer treatments.  Email forwards about curing cancer with weed are as credible as email forwards about Bigfoot sightings.  The role of cannabis in cancer treatment is to relieve the symptoms of medication side effects.  It cannot replace surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or immunotherapy.

Cannabis can reduce pain and nausea in brain cancer patients, but it cannot cure cancer.

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