6 Tips to Effectively Declutter the Negative Things in Your Life

posted by Chris Valentine

If you feel like piles of clutter are gradually turning your mind into a serious mess, and your brain is in an acute overdrive, it means your mind is telling you to free up some space. The clutter represents decisions to make, goals to meet, and chores to do. They occupy space in your day and your home, without pushing you towards your productive and happy life. Just like our cupboards and cabinets, our minds require some cleaning up from time to time. It’s crucial to get rid of all unnecessary baggage to remain motivated, productive and focused.

Here are six simple and effective ways to help you declutter your mental space in no time.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal is a perfect way to relax your mind by organizing and analyzing your thoughts. Studies have shown that expressive writing significantly eliminates disturbing thoughts about negative occurrences and also improves the working memory. These improvements may later free up your mental space for other mental actions, including the power to effectively manage stress. Writing in a journal can also help you cope with depression and manage anxiety. You don’t have to be a professional writer to keep a journal. You can start with one of the easiest techniques such as bullet journaling.

Set your priorities

Prioritizing is an excellent way to take control of your life proactively. Start by figuring out the things that matter most to you, your long-term goals and life inspirations. Prepare your list of top priorities and ensure that your decisions and the actions you take will reflect those priorities you set. Secondly, develop an action plan to help you meet the set goals and to determine how you’ll divide your time to also focus on every item on your list. However, your priorities might change with time, but make sure that those priorities will still serve you.

Avoid multitasking

While there is no harm in intermittent multitasking, regularly juggling between many activity limits your concentration span, creates additional clutter and increases stress, making it hard for your mind to filter out unnecessary information. According to research, heavy multitasking only lowers efficiency and may negatively impact on your cognitive control. To prevent this, make a list of the things you want to achieve that day and take one task at a time. Keep your list incredibly realistic and straightforward. Begin with the most critical tasks in the list and work your way down.

Learn to let go

No matter what comes your way, learn to love yourself, accept yourself, and keep going. It’s crucial to let go any negative emotions and thoughts that weigh you down. Psychic2Tarot.com offers a free reading on eliminating negative thoughts and letting go. Eliminating unwanted thoughts, concerns, and fears will help you boost your self-esteem, free up your mental space and reduce stress. You should monitor your thoughts more regularly and replace any negative thoughts with some positive ones.

Declutter your workspace

People who work in messy environments are more frustrated and less efficient than those with an organized workspace. Start by removing all unwanted items on your work desk and assign a proper spot to everything. One of the best ways to keep your things well organized without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed is to clean your workspace every day before going home.

Be decisive

When you continually put off making your decisions, your brain automatically becomes overwhelmed by the clutter accumulated by all pending decisions. So, stop procrastinating and take action. Whether it’s about the email you have been avoiding for some time or the house you plan to buy, make that call. For all decisions, carefully analyze the benefits and drawbacks and don’t go back once you make up your mind.

Everyone has a unique clutter battle: that pile of papers beside the computer, the collection of abandoned spare parts filling up the garage or those books you have not opened since college. With time, all the objects you bring into your life can begin to overwhelm. The piles of clutter are not only in your way, but they also weigh heavily on your mind. They occupy space in your day, home and life without propelling you towards a productive and fulfilled life.

A change in times and seasons is a wonderful period to assess your clutter and also learn how to shed the weight effectively. These tips will help you know what might be causing your stress and how you can declutter to start reclaiming your mental space.

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