Exploring Advanced Techniques in Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain Relief

posted by Chris Valentine

Life comes with ups and downs and so does our health suffer ups and downs throughout life. Whether it be short-term injuries, chronic illnesses, or uncalled-for accidents, getting in touch with well-trained experts to restore the full functionality of our bodies becomes foremost. Chiropractors, being qualified in treating our joints and muscles during illnesses, accidents, and injuries help us a lot in regaining full control of our body fast after unfortunate situations. In recent times, advanced techniques in chiropractic treatment like the Gonstead method are available which help in more precise and effective therapy. While choosing the best chiropractor for therapy, a patient must be aware of the extent to which his/her chiropractor is trained in terms of modern methods of treatment.

Which areas of pain do advanced chiropractic techniques cover?

Joint pain, bone pain, and muscle pain can come from a variety of sources ranging from mild cases of poor posture, sports, and pregnancy-related fatigue to more serious areas like chronic illnesses and accidents. Let us see which areas of injury and pain can be treated by advanced chiropractic treatment-

  1. Back, neck, hip, and leg pain: Both upper and lower back pain as well, neck pain as well as hip and leg pain can be treated by chiropractic therapy. Comprehensive treatment by experienced therapists trained in advanced methods like the Gonstead method can help to reduce pain, realign joints, and increase mobility faster.
  2. Sports strain and injury: Modern methods of chiropractic care like the Gonstead method help to pinpoint the root of strain and injury in the body in exhausted and injured athletes to give them relief from pain and regain strength of joints.
  3. Accident recovery: Modern methods of treatment in chiropractic care help in the speedy and specific identification of weakness and injury in the body helping patients achieve smoother recovery and regain mobility faster after accidents.
  4. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain: With the increasing incidence of TMJ all over the world, chiropractic therapy has evolved techniques to deal with TMJ–related pain as well. 
  5. Prenatal Chiropractic care: Expectant mothers while choosing the best chiropractor should also be aware that many new techniques of therapy like the Gonstead method have made the hands-on process of chiropractic care safer with its tools of precision. Modern tools in therapy help expectant mothers go through a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

Beyond conventions of hands-on treatment: The Gonstead Method 

To achieve a minimally invasive and smooth recovery from injury and pain, patients under chiropractic care should go through treatments that specifically target the root sources of weakness. Other than that, a comprehensive study of the spots of injury must be done to provide correct adjustment to the joints and muscles as required. Modern chiropractors use the six-pronged Gonstead method, a practice developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead to correct the alignment of the bodies of patients using modern diagnostic examination methods and protocols. Let us see how the Gonstead method helps in advanced chiropractic therapy-

  • X-rays for detailed analysis: At every visit of the patient, full-spine digital X-rays are done to specifically identify the root cause of discomfort in specific compromised areas apart from the complaints put forward by the patient.
  • Motion palpation: This is a hands-on technique used to identify fixated spots or stuck joints and help to reduce discomfort in those areas and regain motion flexibility.
  • Static palpation: In this method, the therapist lightly touches various areas to determine the extent of changes in tissues and muscles and separate chronic and acute areas.
  • Instrumentation: This helps treat the root underlying problems beyond the symptoms present. A bilateral Nervoscope is used to measure the temperature of the spine to pinpoint inflammation and nerve pressure areas.
  • Visualisation: In this process, the chiropractor visually observes the patient’s posture, gait, and structure of the body to determine the nature and extent of weakness.
  • Case management: Through these modern comprehensive means of analysis and treatment, advanced methods help to prepare a smooth trajectory towards recovery to maintain the proper structure and function of the spine and nervous system.


Chiropractic care is essential for patients with chronic illnesses affecting the bones, muscles, and spinal cord as well as emergency rescue for patients recovering from accidents. Even fatigued athletes and expectant mothers need chiropractic care to ensure proper body functioning. Advanced techniques involving modern diagnostic processes and precision of approach have taken chiropractic practice miles forward in ensuring faster recovery of mobility and healthier maintenance of patients.

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