What is Shatter and is it worth buying from online dispensaries?

posted by Chris Valentine

Shatter is one of the cannabis extracts that is quite famous in Canada. This is all thanks to the potency and flavor that it brings. This special type of BHO (hash oil extracted with butane) has a very characteristic texture given by the process in which it is obtained.

Everything about the Shatter

Extracts are the latest fad among cannabis users in Canada . The high levels of concentration and their characteristic flavors make these substances an increasingly demanded option. Within the extracts, one of the most successful trends is known as Shatter.

Is it worth buying?

Is Shatter worth buying next time you see it for sale at an online dispensary? The answer is yes and no. If you’re new to cannabis products maybe forget about it for a while. If you’ve been using cannabis for a while and looking for something different and stronger, Shatter might be just what you’re looking for.

Most online dispensaries in Canada sell Shatter so it won’t be hard to find it. The online dispensary BudExpressNOW has quality Shatter according to review websites like Dispensary Guide. The same can be said for most online dispensaries from British Columbia, Canada.

Below you’ll learn everything you need to know to decide on if it’s right for you.

What is it?

Shatter is a type of translucent golden-colored BHO with a hard texture that differentiates it from the rest of the viscous and sticky extracts. Its reliability is very similar to that of a wineglass, hence its name. Like the rest of BHO concentrates, their cannabinoid heights are near to 80%. The procedure for obtaining it is similar to that of BHO, but the high temperature and moisture parameters are distorted to give it its feature touch.

How do you prepare?

The grounding technique is the same as that of the well-known wax, but with no stirring during heating. One type of extraction that is often confused with Wax is sap, a very similar type of extract, but whose texture is a little more liquid, sap type. T

he progression to get all the extract of BHO is very comparable, but there are convinced variations in the procedure (agitated, temperature, duration) that award varied texture and flavor. Anyway, all these extracts are influential, with no exceptions.

How to use it?

In general, Shatter is easier to eat than additional extracts since its texture is solid and not humid. The most ordinary way to drink Shatter is by way of an oil rig, a method known as dabbing, and for which a torch, a “nail,” and an oil sphere are needed.

Anyway, it can also be ingested by setting up it into parts in a tube or a bong which many Canadians choose. It can also be assorted with bud, but the taste will no longer be quality of Shatter. Another option is to use a hashish pipe, a good method if you don’t want to invest money in a vaporizer or an oil tower.


– integrating it with a bud: the Shatter can be scattered on a bud or on a hairpin, to take pleasure in the joint taste.

Pipes: There are new pipes designed for the use of cannabis extracts.

Vaporizers: There are also new vaporizers designed to be able to consume extractions. This technique is a spotless technique that allows us to eat the matter without any burning and, therefore, we keep away from inhaling poisonous substances for our corpse.

– Dabbing: the most common method to consume Wax is dabbing, a system for which a torch, nail, and oil ring equipment is necessary. Heat the “nail” with the torch and place a small portion of Shatter on the tip.


The effects of Shatter are ideal both for recreational use by expert consumers and for medicinal use in treatments. Smoking Shatter, you will sense the controlling result in a minority of seconds. Its consequence is so physically powerful that with a pull, you will observe how the pain disappears in a few seconds. One of the most potent cannabis derivatives to date.


One of the most outstanding advantages of the Shatter is its powerful effect that allows us to achieve a good “pitch” with a very small amount and in just a few seconds. In conclusion, it should be noted that obtaining Wax is not a simple process since it requires certain professional materials and concrete knowledge.


Many newbie’s try to make strata of BHO without the necessary materials and knowledge and end up busting their room. This is because some unconsciously light a lighter, and the butane that escapes during the process ignites, exploding. This has happened in several Canadian locations in the last year, and the idea has spread that the process of producing BHO is best left to professionals.

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