Ready to Fight Pain and Inflammation? The Benefits of Cryotherapy

posted by Chris Valentine

Did you know the extreme cold offers health benefits? Cryotherapy is great for pain, inflammation, and more. Click here and know the benefits of cryotherapy.

Extremely cold temperatures aren’t exactly fun when you go outside, but if you’re trying to heal your body, the extreme cold is what you need.

A health trend of cryotherapy is the exposure of your body to extreme cold temperatures for a few minutes.

The benefits of cryotherapy can help reduce pain and inflammation. Read on to learn why everyone is loving this treatment.

Reduce Pain

What’s the first thing you get for a sore knee or swollen ankle? Ice.

Cryotherapy is the same concept except you’re freezing your entire body. It’s not scientifically proven, but cryotherapy achieves the same results.

Some of the world’s top athletes are turning to cryotherapy treatment instead of ice baths because of the relative speed compared to an ice bath.

A long day of work or physical activity is going to cause the entire body to experience inflammation. Ice baths used to be a way to assist with recovery. College and professional athletic programs are now using cryotherapy instead.


Without any direct correlation to weight-loss discovered, scientists believe that exposure to cold temperatures will lead to weight loss.

In cold temperatures, the body produces brown fat. Brown fat needs more calories to keep the body warm and burn body fat for energy.

There are many factors to be considered when trying to lose weight: diet, exercise, and sleep. People have reported that they met target weight-loss goals quicker while doing cryotherapy treatments.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer tends to be a result of chronic inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s response to an attack of the immune system.

Cryotherapy’s ability to reduce inflammation might also mitigate the risk of cancer. Once cancer develops there is no known benefit of cryotherapy as a treatment.

Some doctors do treat certain types of cancer with cryosurgery by freezing the cancer cells and tumors. The cryotherapy benefits may save your life.

Anxiety and Depression

There is one study that showed cryotherapy helped reduce the symptoms of people who experience depression and anxiety.

Scientifically, the extreme cold should release adrenaline and endorphins in your body. The release of these chemicals improves moods and ease worry.

Benefits of Cryotherapy for Migraines and Eczema

Frozen ice packs applied to the carotid arteries cools the blood in intracranial vessels. This helps reduce the pain of migraine headaches.

Studies have shown that cryotherapy acts in the same way and has reduced pain, but not eliminated the headaches. Continued treatments did reduce the number of migraines.

Cryotherapy has also been effective in helping those with eczema even leading some participants to stop taking their medication. Your doctor should always be consulted when discontinuing prescribed medicine.

Since eczema is an inflammatory skin condition, the cold assisted in eliminating the irritation and inflammation.

Embrace the Cold

It might not be fun walking to your car in freezing temperatures, but the benefits of cryotherapy should have you embracing the cold.

Give cryotherapy a try for your health and wellness.

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