5 Ways to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Life

posted by Chris Valentine

Sometimes it’s almost like negativity is the norm these days and everything just gets people down. There is always something on the news about the next terrible event and someone is always starting a new fight.

Thankfully, we are here to get that positive energy moving so that everyone can lift themselves and live at their best. Here are some words of advice to break out of that negative vibe.

1. Meditation and Mindfulness

Working with these can provide not only increased positive thinking and energy but also insight into some of the potential causes of stress and anxiety. Those very things hinder positive energy.

By living a day mindfully, in a simple sense, you are passing through being present in every moment. You are not carrying the weight of other concerns and issues and address all events as they come.

Respond with a light touch and kindness both to yourself and to those around you.

2. Power of the Outside World

Getting outside for fresh air is one of the top ways to boost your mood and your energy but bringing some of that nature into your home can serve a very similar purpose.

Plants often thought of first as decor offer many benefits beyond just looking nice. They remove toxins from the air and purify it.

The act of caring for the plants, trimming, watering, caring for the soil, all very calming almost meditative. Having plants in your home has been shown to reduce stress anywhere up to forty percent!

3. Journaling

A journal can be an amazing outlet for any level of emotion.

During the day you can use a journal to keep track of items of gratitude. Your mind will be focusing on the positive encounters of your day, what you are experiencing as blessings.

Recording the things you are grateful for every day, both as you encounter them and as they come to you keeps you in a “positive vibration”.

Once they are written you can re-experience them any time that you would want to.

4. Removing Toxic Elements

One of the biggest of these is gossip. At its core gossip is a negative activity, it centers itself around judgment and criticism, never the helpful type. By partaking in this negative activity it will transfer negative emotion back onto you.

As it was said once by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

However, you need to recognize your toxic elements as well, your behaviors, and your dwelling on problems diseases, and worries.

When removing toxicity from your life maybe think of what will fill that space. What about looking for your soulmate? Think of the positivity another will add and what you can add to theirs.

5. Laughter Is Contagious

There is the truth behind that saying “laughter is the best medicine”. It has been shown to release endorphins, decrease stress hormones, and increase immune cells as well as infection-fighting antibodies.

Send laughter, receive laughter! Be silly and joke with anyone and everyone you cross.

It would surprise you how little effort it takes to make someone laugh sometimes. Nothing funny around? Have everyone make it themselves!

Pushing Forward with Positive Energy

Now that we have that positive vibe started, let’s keep it going! You have some fuel for new bright days ahead. Keep with these ideas to infuse that positive energy in your life, even better share them with those around you!

If you found help today and enjoyed what you read be sure to come back soon and see what other great content we have in store for you!

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