accessiBe: An All Rounder For Accessibility

posted by Chris Valentine

Yes, this is another post about accessibility. And we’ll keep writing them until the message gets through. We’re truly astonished by the lack of compliance that still exists – a fact highlighted by a survey conducted by accessiBe… amongst many other shocking statistics was the fact that 98% of website menus failed. Imagine relying on a screen reader and being confronted with that on a daily basis! 

That then got us looking into accessiBe, who actually provide a service to help your website become more accessible and compliant. It’s truly a fantastic service & if you haven’t already, we’d recommend checking them out. Here are just a few comments from those that have used the service recently…

One of the clients said that accessiBe was ‘awesome’ as a result of its uncomplicated access and straightforward execution. The service gives them the real solution that they require. Another client commented that they are an ‘all-rounder for accessibility’, as it is very intuitive and can be used efficiently even by those who are not used to technology.

Overall, we found clients are happy and satisfied with both the program itself, and the support provided when it was needed. We’d definitely recommend taking a closer look.

On another note, it was refreshing to find a company who are so passionate about making the web-experience accessible to all. As any regular readers of this blog know, accessibility, or the lack thereof, is something we are keenly aware of and will continue to write about until real change happens. With accessiBe, we’re taking a step in the right direction! 

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