Common myths about Gifting watches

posted by Chris Valentine

Around the world, there are different beliefs and understanding of other aspects of things. They can sometimes be similar across the globe or have different meanings according to local beliefs. For example, the colour white is worn on auspicious occasions like a wedding in western culture. In contrast, the eastern culture, particularly in countries like India white, is worn on many sad occasions like deaths. Here we see that the same things can have two different meanings and uses according to culture. 

Many myths and superstitions are associated with watch gifting, some of which are positive and some that display the negative aspects of the item. One may see a gifted watch as a sign of generosity or affection or a curse depending on their belief. Every Luminox watch is made from the finest materials that ensure the long-lasting watches, and you will not have to worry about broken glass or stopped watch. 

It would be best if you didn’t turn the hands of the watch or clock backwards. 

It is a superstition that came into existence because of the problems faced by watchmakers. Clocks have a chiming mechanism that works in tandem with the clock’s hands if the hands are turned backwards, the chiming mechanism does not work properly. Watchmakers would often face this problem as rectifying the mechanism was not easy, especially if the hand have been turned quite a lot. 

Limited lifespan, according to Feng Shui.

Gifting a watch can be seen as inauspicious in many cultures, the primary thought behind this superstition is the belief that a watch as a gift puts a clock on the receiver’s lifetime. It is mainly to be kept in mind in case of gifting to older adults as the passing time would be a continuous reminder to them of their nearing time. “Gifting a watch” sounds like “attending a funeral” and symbolizes the running out of time in Chinese culture.

The watch carries with it a part of the watchmaker’s soul. 

It was believed that the watchmaker of vintage watches would put a part of their soul in the watch as they manufactured the watch’s working mechanism. The operating mechanism represents the heart or the source of life for the watch. If the watch stopped working a part of the soul of the watchmaker also dies with it. However, it is not possible for most digital or smartwatches as their mechanism and technology are entirely different than old or vintage watches. 

Breaking a watch is a signal of forthcoming misfortune. A stopped watch is also seen as bad luck or hardships, and the stopped clock signifies the end to a relationship or commitment in many cultures. It is believed that the owner of a broken or stopped watch is guided by ‘dead time’ that does not allow the person to move forward. 

These superstitions and myths are up to an individual’s personal beliefs and experience; they come from different religions and cultures. Some cultures hold watches as a warning sign for impending danger, whereas others consider them as a very promising gift; you can choose what you believe in. 

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