How to Develop the Next Big Augmented Reality App

posted by Chris Valentine

Getting into new technology markets early can earn you a considerable income. AR apps are the next hot item. Keep reading to learn how to make your mark in the rapid-paced technology market right now.

Choose Your Market

Augmented reality reaches every market imaginable. It improves how businesses interact with customers and employees, how educators interact with students, and how people interact with the world around them and each other. When deciding which direction you want to take, use your imagination. Think about the problems you want to solve, and the ways AR can provide unique solutions.


Retailers are using AR to improve customer experience in innumerable ways. Augmented reality apps give customers the ability to ensure makeup matches their skin tone, see what a sofa looks like in their living room, check which paint colors look best in their home’s lighting, and confirm what their sneakers will look like on their feet. Developers are even working on apps that allow customers to try on clothes before they order them.

Customers can use augmented reality apps to find product information in real-time and see a 360-degree view of the item they are considering for purchase. When they want to know what an item looks like or how it will function with different features, there’s an app for that, too.

Real Estate

Real estate agents have the ability to show a home like never before, with AR apps that can put buyers in a home before it is even built. Agents stay safer by showing properties right in their office, and they create a more robust relationship with their clients by offering better service.


Educators improve learning retention by offering interactive experiences that bring the material alive. Chemistry students can perform experiments without the cost and danger of dealing with actual chemicals, and medical students can even perform surgery without ever having to touch a patient.


You could develop the next Pokemon Go, or you could completely diverge and create games that no one has ever imagined before. Young children are using AR to bring their drawings and paintings to life, and adults are using AR to make their landscaping and home improvement ideas reality.

Research Your Market

While augmented reality is a fairly new concept, and people will gladly spend their money on the novel products coming available on a daily basis, you need to figure out who exactly will want to use your app. What kinds of problems does your app solve, and how does your app solve them? If there are already AR apps solving these problems, how does your app do it in a unique way? Are there people who will be interested in your app’s unique features? How much would they be willing to pay?

In order to create the best, most marketable app possible, you need to answer these questions. Your research will inform every part of how you go forward, including your graphics, features, marketing strategy, and how much money you will invest in the app’s creation.

Outline Your App’s Features

What exactly will this app do? Outline every detail of the features of this app, so that you know what will go into its creation. You need to have a solid understanding of all the things you want this app to do. Make sure you take your market research into consideration and don’t make it too complicated. The more complicated an app is, the harder it is to use. You also increase the chance of it having major bugs that need to be worked out post-release.

Pick a Pricing Structure

Most entertainment apps are either free or very inexpensive. What people pay for, is added features and in-app actions. This keeps the income rolling in because people end up paying as they use the app.

Apps geared toward businesses and education generally have a higher up-front cost, with less emphasis on the add-ons. This is not to say that there are no add-ons. Those generally cost more too. The main focus, however, is less on the impulse of entertainment spending, and more on the goal of creating a tool that can be budgeted for.

Pick a Development Tool

If you have considerable knowledge of Java, C++, or other app development language, you can likely make a basic app on your own. If you are not skilled in the language of software development, there are some tools you can use that have more of a drag and drop structure.

Do your research and find the best tools for your skillset. Using a developer can get costly, but it may be worth it to make sure your final product is high-quality. Many developers will work with you and only charge based on the amount of work they have to do, so the more you can do yourself, the better.

Marketing, Marketing, and More Marketing

You can create the best app ever, and if it does not get in front of your audience, it is not going to even pay for itself. Make sure that you create an awesome website, and make use of all the social media tools available so that everyone who will use your app sees it. Get everyone in your social networks to download the app, and ask them to review it on every site available.

You can also hire a promoting agency to help you get the word about your app out, and this may be a valuable investment. You know your app can change people’s lives. You just need to market it well so that everyone else knows your app will change their lives.

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