Hostinger VPS Hosting: Premium Features Like SSD Storage at Affordable Prices

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you are launching new websites or want to upgrade, there are many reasons why I would recommend choosing a web host that offers SSD storage. And when it was time for me to upgrade, I found Hostinger’s VPS hosting plans perfect for my requirements. Its VPS hosting solutions provided me all the flexibility I wanted along with the high speed and performance that has become so well associated with the latest SSD storage systems.

The Hostinger SSD Advantage

Hostinger provides SSD storage for all its VPS plans, even the one starting from just $4.99 per month. Each server features terabytes of SSD space, Intel Xeon CPUs, and 128GB of RAM. The result can be readily seen when you move up from your other VPS or shared web host. Since this host has put a limit on how many accounts can reside on a server, it offers a guarantee on the private server resources it has to offer.

Why SSD based VPS Hosting Matters So Much?

Your website is made using a content management system (CMS) like Magento, WordPress, and Drupal. These CMSs can feature hundreds if not thousands of plugins and themes, all of which need to be loaded whenever someone visits your site. Besides, when a visitor interacts with your content, this will also trigger several database queries. With tons of plugins, themes, database queries, and content requests taking place in the background, the conventional rotating disks (HDDs) would significantly reduce your website’s performance.

Page upload speed is one of the most important elements of user experience (UX), which is itself a major search engine ranking factor. So when you choose SSD-based VPS hosting service provided to you by Hostinger, you are able to boost your website’s performance manifold times compared to the conventional HDD-based hosting services.

SSD systems read all the data simultaneously, providing a far smoother and flawless browsing experience to your visitors. The advantages of SSD hosting go far beyond that of increasing your website’s speed and performance. It is worth maintaining that Hostinger claims its Cloud-based VPS hosting service to be up to 30x faster than the fastest shared hosting service available in the market.

High Reliability

SSD storage systems are physically more reliable compared to the HDD-based storage systems for web hosting. Earthquakes or physical impacts can cause irreversible damage to the moving mechanical parts inside hard disk drives. Even the smallest movement or impact increases the risk of data loss. SSDs don’t feature any moving part. They are so reliable that even if a laptop with SSD drive is dropped, there is no potential risk of data loss.

High Level of Stability

This point is also related to the above-mentioned one. If your hard disk drive moves during data processing, the tiny mechanisms inside it can easily get broken. The processes inside an HDD are highly sensitive. This can cause lag or break processes. In the context of web hosting, this can also create downtime for your website.

When you choose SSD-based web hosting, all your websites’ data is stored on chips and not on a disk. SSD storage doesn’t need any component to move to allow read/write functions. This means high level of data stability under all circumstances.

Absence of Data Fragmentation

Data fragmentation is one of the main drawbacks of hard disk drives. This has a huge impact on how your website performs. This problem doesn’t exist with SDDs. Data address location is instant without any lag. Thus, there is another contributing factor to boost the speed and performance of your website(s) and applications.

Affordable Pricing

It is well known that SSD storage systems come with a premium price tag. SSD VPS hosting involves the use of servers comprising of large number of SSD drives. Hostinger is able to provide access to all these sophisticated systems with pricing starting from just $4.99/mo.

Even the base VPS plan starts with 20GB of SSD storage. Explore the different plans and the resources offered herewith:


Benefits of Choosing a Highly Flexible VPS Service

Hostinger provides you access to a highly flexible VPS hosting service along with the guarantee of system resources. If you need to host websites and applications with stable and dedicated resources, this is the perfect web host for you.

It provides you with dedicated resources. The storage space, RAM, and processing power aren’t shared with other accounts. The amount of resources allocated to you will be yours to use and control. This cannot be said for most other web hosts. Hostinger is trusted by over 29 million clients worldwide, which speaks about the reliability of its claims. Your server remains stable even in times of high level of usage.

Besides these advantages Hostinger’s VPS plans provide you root access to your server. You can have total control over what you install on your server. Install operating systems of your choice or work on sophisticated projects that require intensive resource applications. If you have complex projects like website portals, large ecommerce stores, databases, online game servers or web applications, its VPS plans can help address your needs.


It is hard to find a web host like Hostinger that offers such a value-for-money proposition on its VPS hosting packages. It has been able to offer sophisticated VPS hosting solutions while keeping the prices affordable. Servers featuring SSD storage, Intel Xeon CPUs, and hundreds of GBs of dedicated RAMs should come at a premium. This web host has been able to deliver all this at an affordable pricing without compromising on quality and performance anywhere.

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