How Technology, Not Conservation, is Key to Better Energy

posted by Chris Valentine



The best and smartest uses for energy are a perennial hot topic on a global scale. Looking for sustainable models of energy use is an industry in and of itself, fueled by consumer demand for better options beyond traditional fossil fuels.

The cost of that energy impacts the world. From gas costs to home prices, from deforestation for paper manufacturing to the cost of shipping, from environmental quality to our own health – energy production and cost impacts lifestyles worldwide.

As the planet moves to a more sustainable model, an interesting pivot is taking place. Instead of such a steadfast focus on conservation, as there has been for the past 50+ years, there’s more of a push for smarter energy use. This is possible with modern technology and more access to energy sources like wind and solar power. People are searching for smarter ways to obtain energy in the first place, and not just how to use less of it.

Better Awareness

The uber-connected world has done wonders for renewable energy. For one thing, people can see examples of alternative forms of energy at work in other parts of the world. For another, organizations that are interested in better energy use can have a better outreach approach. People know more about renewable and sustainable energy than ever before, and much of that is due to communication technology. With heightened awareness comes more of a worldwide determination to do better when it comes to energy consumption.

Better Use, Not Less

Conservation is an important concept but not the answer to the world’s energy crisis. While using less energy will make it last longer, using the exact same kind of energy does not solve a huge problem: eventually fossil fuels WILL run out. Even as people use less of these fossil fuels for individual uses, the global usage rate overall is at an all-time high. We are still burning through fossil fuels and at an alarmingly high rate.

This is why renewable energy technology is so important. When energy sources are never-ending or at least replaceable, conservation is not as important. Humans should still be good stewards of energy use but much of that improved responsibility comes from sourcing – not volume of use.

The demand for renewable energy is making them more affordable too. In some areas of the world, solar energy is forecast to cost less than gasoline in the near future. People will be able to shift to better, alternative forms of energy and it will mean higher sustainability. Combine alternate forms of energy with the technological revolution and we have a solution. More and more people around the world use online businesses rather than traditional brick and mortar. Companies continue to invest in technology to give customers an immersive online experience without them physically having to be there which creates an overall decrease in carbon footprint of that consumer.

The Bottom Line

A shift to smarter energy sourcing from a strictly conservation model benefits everyone. Renewable energy has the potential to power the world for much longer than fossil fuels alone, leading to higher sustainability of life and less of a negative environmental impact.

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