How to Stay in Touch With Your Traveling Children

posted by Chris Valentine

When your children travel for the first time, or any time in fact, it can be a worrying experience, wondering where they are, if they’re safe, if they’re having fun. Whether your child is 16 or 36 you will never stop worrying about them, especially when they’re on the road, and one way to allay your fears in through keeping in touch with them. Thankfully, the days of telephone exchanges and sending letters that take weeks to arrive have gone and these days there are some far easier, more instant and cheaper ways to keep in touch with your child whilst they are traveling, here are just a few ways in which you can do so.



Throughout the late 90’s and after the turn of the century there were all kinds of horror stories from people who had used their mobile phone abroad, only to return with bills through the roof afterwards from their phone providers. Thankfully, many telecoms companies across the world have now partnered and can offer great bundles and packages so that you can stay in touch with your family from abroad. If your child is traveling then this could be a great option to look into, you can even ensure that they have sufficient credit through using services like where you can top up their phone from afar.

Video Calling

There are many options available to you now where you can video call your child, the next best thing to being with them. Services like Skype dedicate themselves to calling across the Internet and even companies like WhatsApp and Facebook offer video calling options. These video calls cost nothing and the only prerequisite is that you both have strong WiFi as the video call will use a lot of data.

Internet Calls

If your Internet isn’t strong enough to handle a video call or if the video call is of poor quality then you can call easily across the Internet. Once again Facebook and WhatsApp offer audio calling options as do Skype and Viber, if you are on an Apple device then FaceTime can be used across the internet as well. The quality of these calls is brilliant and it will be no different than if you were calling them from the same country.


By far the simplest way of staying in touch is through messaging services, whether you are using Android, Apple or Blackberry each have their own instant messaging services. You could also download any number of instant message applications to stay in touch with your child and they all host picture messages and video messages. Sometimes you may not be on the same time zone as your child or you may simply be too busy to have a call, this is where sending a few messages or photos to let your child know that your there can be perfect. There are so many options available that staying in touch has never been easier.

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