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Top 5 Weird Places to Visit During Summer

posted by Chris Valentine

What would be the most ideal way to define a weird place? Floating mountains, bleeding glaciers and floating cities are some of the parameters that can be used to sum up what weird destinations entail. This piece will try to provide you useful information regarding five of the weirdest places to visit during your summer holiday.

a) Stonehenge, Great Britain

Throughout Britain’s history, Stonehenge has remained as one of the most treasured ancient monument in UK. Despite its weird status, the Stonehenge plays host to about 900,000 visitors every year. Guess its weird nature plays a huge role in adding to its attraction. Back in the days, the site was used as a religious center by the Pagans and the druids a fact confirmed by the Saxon burial. Besides its religious status, Stonehenge is also used as a center of the British crop-circle phenomenon. Many stories have been drafted even as people attempt to establish what Stonehenge represented back in the dark and middle ages. According to some archaeologists, the site was used as a temple while there are those who hold the opinion that it represented a doorway to the afterlife.

b) Pamukkale, Turkey

Currently categorized amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pamukkale is a strangely beautiful site that has been in existence for over 2 millennia. The terraced pools have continued to appreciate throughout their existence. The pools of Pamukkale are as a result of earthquakes which were quite common in Turkey back in the days. These earthquakes created fractures on the surface which gave way to powerful hot springs. These hot springs rich in calcium carbonate reached the surface creating these terraced pools.

c) Moeraki, New Zealand

Located on the Koekohe Beach, the Moeraki provides visitors with a rather alien and strange feeling about the large spherical boulders. The boulders formed as a result of the accretion of sedimentary deposits on the floor of the sea. Legend stories attribute this to the arrival of giants who came in via Araiteuru canoe which then sunk. The surviving crew were then turned into stone creating the mountains.

d) The Nine Hells Of Beppu, Japan

Locate on Kyushu one of the Japanese Islands, Beppu is a mystery on its own. One of the things making it standout is its ability to produce geothermal water. Currently, it is ranked  the world. The Nine Hells are also found within the location and are intriguing in their own ways. These ponds are characterised by different colors due to the variety of minerals found in the area.

e) The Eye of Africa, Mauritania

Many theory have come forth that try to give an explanation as to how this mysterious depression came about. Scientists believe that it is a Richat structure while there are those who attribute this to the impact of an ancient but very powerful bomb. From an aerial view, the depression actually resembles a human eye.

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photo credit: jacsonquerubin via photopin cc

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