Deck Out Your Nexus 6P With A Fashionable & Durable Phone Skin

posted by Chris Valentine

As soon as you upgraded your old phone to the Nexus 6P, you spent all of your time customizing it into the perfect phone. You’ve tweaked the settings, downloaded your screen picture, decided on a passcode, and arranged your widgets just so. You’ve downloaded all of your favourite apps, and even a few more just in case you need that paranormal EMF meter the next time you go into a creepy basement. Considering all of the time and effort you’ve put into making the ideal phone, it’s only fair that you personalize the outside of your Nexus 6P too.

A Durable Phone Skin will protect and make your Nexus look good


Right out of the box, your Nexus 6P is a blank slate. Coming only in Frost, Graphite, or Aluminum, the 6P doesn’t have much of a unique personality – especially considering the fact that the US Google Store sold out of the Nexus 6P by the end of September after its release. That’s a lot of other users who share the exact same phone as you.

But being a blank slate means there’s also a lot of opportunity for you to create a more individual looking phone. You’re not stuck with the boring, muted colours that Google gave you. With a Nexus 6P skin, you can completely personalize a commonplace design to your unique style. You can easily and inexpensively attach a brightly coloured skin to revitalize your Nexus, making it stand out with a vibrant green, blue, or orange; or, if you want something that will match your sophisticated wardrobe no matter where you go, sleek black matte, black leather, or black carbon fiber gives your phone an instant style upgrade

Best of all, a Nexus 6P durable phone skin isn’t just a pretty face. It comes in a hardworking, durable material that actually protects your phone so it can last as long as possible. After all, you spent a pretty penny on your phone, so you want to make sure it lasts. By using lightweight 3M vinyl, the best selection of Nexus 6P skins can save your phone from being scratched, dinged, or gouged by sharp objects, rough surfaces, and bad luck. The vinyl material is non-porous, so spilled liquids and accumulated grime wipe off in a cinch. Where your spilled Americano will simply trickle off, your hand will become attached. A Nexus 6P skin provides added grip your fingers naturally want to hold, so you’re less likely to drop it. Combined with the Nexus’ Gorilla Glass enforced touch screen, your 6P will be nearly indestructible.

Unique style with added protection that will extend your Nexus’ lifespan? It sounds nearly too good to be true, but a simple Google search will tell you otherwise. Go online and check out the colours and textures you have at your disposal, and finally complete your Nexus customization. Once you apply your Nexus 6P skin, your phone will be truly yours inside and out!

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