Magical Morocco: The Best Places to Visit

posted by Chris Valentine

The country that travels within you”, this is how the national tourism board of Morocco describes this fantastic country. Indeed, as it is teeming in terms of experiences that can be offered, Morocco provides an exhilarating vacation that you might not just have in any other country. Whether you are looking for a lavish retreat, cultural expedition, thrilling experiences, or simply a holiday of endless discoveries, Morocco should be on your bucket list. If you are clueless on which specific place to visit, keep on reading and learn from our recommendations.


This place is gaining a reputation as the new Marrakech as it is quickly keeping up in terms of the attractions and experiences that it can offer its visitors. The medina of Fes el-Bali is perhaps is most popular attraction. Here you will be able to find food stalls serving aromatic dishes and craft stores selling unique products, and an endless sight of people just enjoying the place. It can provide you a glimpse of the daily lives of the locals.

Atlas Mountains

If your idea of a vacation involves physically demanding activities, a hike up the Atlas Mountains is sure to make your Moroccan adventure more memorable. The section of the mountain range that is easiest to reach is the High Atlas Mountains, which also makes it the most popular amongst tourists. There are treks that last for multiple days, which are highly recommended if you want to have a more immersive experience and more time to explore Berber villages that you will encounter along the way. The mountain range is a two-hour drive from Marrakech and for adventure seekers, is well worth the drive. When it comes to accommodation choices, there are lavish hotels that offer a stunning view of the mountains, making the perfect choice for an idyllic escape.


This is Morocco’s blue city. As the name implies, it has been popular amongst tourists because of it stunning blue buildings. The main reason why people come here is its color, giving the place a character of its own. More than just the picturesque blue buildings, it also has gorges and valleys that can be enjoyed by adventure seekers. If you plan to go on a trek, the best time to visit is from April to June. At night you can enjoy the cloudless sky and the sight of stars hovering above you, which is pretty much a rare find in other places.


Known to be the most important amongst the imperial cities of Morocco, this is where most of the action is. It offers plenty of activities that can be enjoyed as well as some of the best luxury hotels in Morocco. Of course, you should not miss visiting local restaurants where you can sample authentic Moroccan dishes. Your itinerary should also include a visit to Koutoubia Mosque, which is considered to be the most symbolic mosque in the country. For those who love to shop, a visit to souks, or their local markets, will be worthwhile. For an experience of the nightlife, you should smoke hookah or be entertained by traditional Moroccan belly dancers. Marrakech has a very active nightlife and it hosts rave parties with well-known international DJ acts.

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