The importance of the figure of the injury expert

posted by Chris Valentine

In a traffic accident, the importance of the figure of the injury expert is essential to prove the actual physical damages when they are discussed by the insurer. And it is that insurance companies are going to put all kinds of obstacles to pay compensation to the victim, especially in the assessment of personal damage.

You will have obstacles to claim regardless of the type of damage you have had. If you have suffered minor injuries, the discussion will be to recognize them, especially when they are located in the spine.

And if your damages have been serious, the discussion will focus on assessing that seriousness, because the greater the entity or are more severe, the greater the payment that the company has to make.

We know that it is not enough for the victim of an accident to have personal injury accredited in medical documentation. This is important, because it is the starting point to assess them in order to claim compensation.

But on many occasions, we find insurers refusing to pay part of the victim’s healing period, or certain consequences. And other times they recognize the existence of a sequel, but value it at a minimum to pay less.

When any of these cases occurs, it is necessary to have specialized medical help. And the figure of the injury expert is essential to defend against the company, especially in court, the entity of the damages suffered by the injured.

Now, not just any expert is worth it. And to find the right one for each case, it is very important that the victim is well advised by a lawyer specializing in traffic accidents.

First, because he is the only one who knows how to defend the entity from the damages suffered against the company. And second, because he will be able to recommend the best injury expert who can assess your specific case.

Any traffic accident is a real headache for the victim. Adding to the traumatic nature of the situation is the implementation of a claim process in which the injured person is always at a disadvantage compared to the company that has to pay for the damages suffered.

In this process, in which a multitude of conditions intervene, personal injury is usually always the main reason for discussion.

And why is this happening?

The reason is always economic. It is very sad that a victim has to take care of proving, after being the injured party, that the damages they have suffered are there and are real.

And to demonstrate to the insurer the injuries and their obligation to pay for them, it is necessary to resort on many occasions to an expert in the field who help with his knowledge and his impartiality to prove the entity of the same, that is, to a bodily injury lawyer.

You don’t always have to call on an injury expert.

When the injured party has the help of a traffic accident lawyer, it will be this professional who will tell him if the situation of his claim requires having a medical expert report. If it is possible to reach a consensus solution with the insurer, and that it makes an adequate payment offer to the physical damages suffered by the victim, or based on a negotiation between your lawyer and the company, an agreement is reached, it is not necessary go to an expert.

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