CBD And Safety: 4 CBD Oil Dosage Tips For Beginners

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you new to the amazing world of CBD?

If so, you likely have a few questions. After all, researchers are still exploring the multiple benefits cannabidinal (CBD) can offer users.

Before you start implementing CBD into your daily routine, it’s important to understand how much to take.

Keep reading for some valuable CBD oil dosage tips!

1. Choose Your Delivery Method

CBD is available in several forms. Make sure you choose the appropriate delivery method before selecting dosage.

CBD users can take advantage of this supplement’s benefits by applying it topically, for example, in the form of a cream or lotion.

It’s also possible to consume CBD orally, often as an oil or tincture placed under the tongue. This tends to be the best way to absorb CBD. Plus, it can be quite tasty!

Lastly, CBD also comes in capsule and edible forms. You can try out CBD gummies, for example, or even cookies!

Remember that dosage amounts will vary depending on the delivery method. CBD concentration will be in milligrams.

2. Start Low

Everybody’s response to CBD is different. Some people feel an effect with a very tiny amount. Others require quite a few milligrams to experience relief.

For this reason, begin with a very small and very low dosage.

If you take CBD capsules, try just one to start. If you consume CBD in oil form, consider just a few drops under the tongue at the beginning.

Practice awareness of the impact one small dose has on you. Adjust dosage accordingly, working your way up as need be.

Most people wonder how often they have to take CBD. This really depends on you and your needs.

Start by taking one dose on an empty stomach a day. Work your way up, if needed, to 2-3 doses a day.

3. Be Mindful of Why You’re Taking It

CBD can be used to provide relief for a variety of conditions, including depression, chronic pain, and epilepsy.

Make sure you know why you are taking CBD before dosing up. This is because dosage does depend on the condition you’re trying to treat.

For example, people struggling with sleep disorders may want to take between 40 and 160 mg of CBD for it to prove effective.

On the other hand, if you struggle with epilepsy, you may need more–upwards of 300mg a day.

For people wanting to simply supplement their wellness routine, a micro dosage (less than 25 mg) may be wise.

Whatever the case, always be mindful of what you are treating and how different dosages impact your experience.

4. Keep Calm

Some people worry that they can overdose on CBD oil. However, there have been no reports of CBD overdosing, fatal or otherwise.

What’s more, CBD is non-addictive. While it’s important to be mindful of your CBD dosage, you don’t have to be concerned about taking too much.

Learn more about this here.

We also recommend consulting a medical practitioner, if applicable, before dosing up. If you’re worried about talking about CBD with your doctor, consider speaking with a naturopath or alternative medical practitioner.

CBD Oil Dosage Tips

These CBD oil dosage tips are designed to assist with general dosing needs. If you have a more serious medical condition, be sure to speak with a doctor to confirm specific dosage details!

Otherwise, learn more about CBD and U.S. legality here.

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