HCG Drops – An Introduction for Beginners

posted by Chris Valentine

What are HCG drops?

HCG drops have gradually begun to be very well-known amongst the industry in the past few years. These drops are a form of weight loss supplement. Human Chronic Gonadotropin, otherwise known as HCG, is a form of hormone that is produced in great quantities during the first few pregnancy stages. It is also used as a feature for home pregnancy tests and fertility treatments. HCG is a form of maintenance for hormone production as well.

What makes HCG drops best?

HCG drops have the ability to help you lose from about 0.5 pounds to 3 pounds in just a day. It boosts your metabolism up and burns fat in a way that is both efficient and fast. The best HCG drops are always ensured to help you lose fat, and not muscle mass instead. These drops are also claimed to not give you hunger or food cravings. However, these are not approved by the FDA. This is why it is crucial for you to refer and consult with your doctor beforehand to ensure complete safety. HCG drops also has a possibility of few side effects such as:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Depression
  3. Headaches etc.

How does it work?

Albert Simeons, a British doctor, had first presented HCG as a weight loss product in 1954. This consisted of a ‘HCG Diet’ along with the intake of the drops. The diet is a very low calorie diet of about 500 calories a day that has several requirements that you would have to follow for the best results that would come in the following forms:

  • Intake of HCG drops

The intake of HCG drops increases the HCG levels, which boosts up your hypothalamus. This will instruct your body to use the stored fats in your body as a form of energy. Contradictory to common beliefs, the HCG diet will not be causing you struggles as it might seem. As a matter of fact, if the correct amount is taken daily, the diet won’t be tough for you to handle.

  • Lower intake of calories

Lowering the intake of calories is claimed to be an essential when it comes to the HCG drops weight loss plan. You will be required to have no more than 500 calories per day. This may seem hard to manage, but as your stored fats are used for energy instead of any added calories, you will not be left feeling hungry, nor will there be a lack of energy.

You may wonder why the calorie intake is as low as it is; this is because the hypothalamus, which is a gland that controls fat storage and metabolism rate, lets the fats stored in your body to be released continuously. Therefore, your body is potentially using tons of calories of your fat every day. This causes a rapid and efficient weight loss. Your diet should be inclusive of fiber and water as well for this process.

  • Exercise

For a desired outcome and a proper weight loss, it is suggested to exercise for about 30 minutes as the diet and intake of HCG drops is in progression. This is shown to be one of the effective necessities in order to attain results. Although, as your calorie intake is low, you must ensure that you are not exercising in extreme. Focusing more on weight training and beginning with light workouts as you start your diet is the utmost recommendation.

What are the benefits of HCG drops?

Studies have presented that HCG drops are able to rapidly cause fat loss by working with the brain’s hypothalamus and releasing stored fat. And so, when combined with a low calorie deficit and minimal exercise, it provides astounding weight loss in a short duration. HCG drops are also claimed to help with blood pressure and cholesterol, which is a great benefit in itself.

The weight loss, according to Albert Simeon’s procedure, is focused directly on the adipose tissue fat that is stored in your body instead of your muscle. It will not take from your body muscle or vitamin essentials, ensuring great health maintenance. After having done this HCG diet with the help of HCG drops, you will surely be able to see great outcomes, and have healthy behavioral changes with the maintenance of your body.

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