Why CBD oil is being used for depression

posted by Chris Valentine

This post will shed on why CBD oil is being used for depression

Mental illness is a common health problem among different people in the world, with one of the illnesses being depression. The saddening thing is that no medicine has been discovered to treat depression entirely and this has led to the patient using anti-depressant prescriptions.

What are the disadvantages of using antidepressants over counter drugs?

  • They have nasty side effects: extended use of the drugs may lead to the patients becoming addicted such that they develop withdrawal symptoms the moment they stop using the drugs.
  • They are not entirely useful: the prescription will treat not everybody and according to research carried out one out of three people suffering from depression does not recover from the symptom by using the prescription.

Use of CBD

The good news is there is another more reliable and efficient remedy for treating depression, and it involves the use of CBD oil from American Hemp Oil. Before, cannabis was used in a different form of relaxing where it made the patient get high after using it, but with time various studies have been carried out, and the doctors found a safe component in the plant effective in treating depression and other diseases.There are over 30 components found in cannabis with the main ones being THC and CBD.

The difference between CBD and THC

THC has a chemical effect which interferes with the brain cells hence altering the standard functioning of the brains which results to the person developing different symptoms such as intense excitement. In other words, THC is responsible for getting people high. CBD on the other and has none of the listed adverse effect. It may have traces of THC, but it does not have any effect on a person’s brain. Therefore not only do you get treated for your symptoms but you also retain your normal brains functioning. CBD was and is still being used in treating seizure and other epileptics diseases hence making it be considered for use in the treatment of depression. It is quite convenient since you consume the drug in different ways such as in the form of oils, vapor or dose supplements.

CBD oils and depression

A practical research proved the benefits of CBD carried out on a mice whereby the results showed that once the mice were injected with CBD supplement, they had an immediate improvement when they became more active and relaxed as well. The mice improved from various symptoms such as depression anxiety and were seen calmer and healthy after about 30 minutes. Therefore the study concluded that CBD is an excellent antidepressant whereby it works by improving the serotonergic and glutamate cortical by passing signaling through the 5 HT1A receptors dependent mechanism. So the chemical improved the functioning of these brain components without causing any adverse effect to the brains.


Therefore a lot of patient suffering from depression are being recommended to use CBD for treating this symptom since the compound has no side effect and gives results in less than an hour.So if you are suffering from depression consider having CBD prescription to help you lessen the symptom. With CBD you don’t have to worry about getting addicted, and you end up saving a lot of money used in purchasing other prescriptions.

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