Small Business Time Management Tips

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For first time small business owners, there is a bit of a learning curve to work though, especially in terms of time management. When working as an employee, the business day stopped as soon as you walked out of the doors, whereas, as a business owner, there does not seem to be an end to the workday.

While getting a business off the ground will take plenty of working hours, there are ways to help you be more productive with your time, allowing you the opportunity to work as efficiently as possible. The key to efficiency is time management, as distractions and other interruptions can lead to you spending hours in the office without actually accomplishing much at all.

Learning how to manage your time will give you the direction you need to run a successful business.


Many small business owners fall prey to trying to do everything on their own. The idea of making financial investments in the business before it is generating a profit can be nerve-wracking, as the future of the business is unknown. However, the old business adage still rings true today: You have to spend money to make money.

Granted, small businesses do need to be wise with their money, as they do not have the luxury of making financial blunders, but there are some key areas where monetary investments will help keep the business running smoothly. For a business to flourish, it needs the right types of tools, such as software, to help the business to run as efficiently as possible.

Depending upon what type of business you run, there are different types of software, programs, and other apps that can provide you with help you need with day-to-day tasks. Salon owners, for instance, should consider using salon management software, as it helps to streamline a lot of menial, yet necessary, tasks.

Limit Email Use

While email is an effective form of communication, it can also be a source of distraction—especially if you check your personal email. Junk mail, letters from friends and family, news updates, and other promotions can occupy your attention for longer than you plan. In fact, if you were to keep track of how often you check your email, you might be surprised how much of your day is being wasted.

Dedicate certain times in your day to check your email. Not only will it limit your distractions, it will also act as an incentive, giving you the motivation you need to take care of certain business tasks.

Avoid Multi-Tasking


While multi-tasking was once a skill many people boasted about, research has since shown that most people are not as productive when they multi-task. For many people, it is actually more efficient to spend time uninterrupted on one task at a time. Without the divided focus, you can complete the task not only faster, but also to the best of your abilities. As a small business owner, this is a crucial element to helping you be far more productive with your business.

Set Goals

One of the best ways to effectively manage your time is to set goals, for it helps you know specifically what you are working towards. Most business owners have set broad business goals, but in order to achieve those goals, you need smaller, weekly or daily goals to reach. It is not only motivating, but can also lead to business growth.

For instance, at the start of the week, make a list of specific goals you need to complete by the week’s end, such as setting up social media profiles for your business, focusing on growing your email subscriber list, installing a new program, or reaching out to a number of potential clients. These goals can give you a specific purpose for each week.

Organize Your Office

Keeping an organized office space will help increase your efficiency in the office, as you will spend less time searching through chaotic piles of paperworks and files. Moreover, research has shown that those who work in a clean, organized environment are less stressed and are more productive during the day.

The best way to grow your business is to treat it like a business, and managing your time can help you complete as many business tasks as possible.

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