5 Things You Should Know Before Working As a Doctor in Australia

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you are a doctor from abroad who dreams of relocating to Australian shores to continue your career or you are an Aussie doctor looking for better local opportunities, there are some things you should know before working as a doctor in Australia.

#1 – Overseas Doctors – Are You Qualified/Eligible To Work In Australia?

While there are many hospital doctor jobs in Australia that can be applied for and many clinics and hospitals are happy to take on staff from overseas, you must first ensure that you have the necessary qualifications and can meet the requirements to be employed as a doctor in this country.

For example, in order to be allowed to practice in Australia, a doctor from overseas will first need to register with the Australian Medical Board. For specific stipulations and criteria on this matter, it’s best to first seek advice regarding the requirements to work as a doctor in Australia.

Being qualified to find employment in Australia for your vocation can also be dependent on the country where you studied to become a doctor and whether those qualifications are up to par with what’s expected under Australian standards.

#2 – Understand the Pathway Required for Specific Positions

If you’re looking for hospital doctor jobs, specialist positions within a hospital or private practice or any other vocation in the field of healthcare, it’s vital to be aware of the pathway required to attain such a position.

Regardless of whether you’re a local doctor looking to advance your career or an overseas physician hoping to specialise or progress your career in Australia, there are specific pathways that will need to be travelled in order to successfully obtain certain positions in the medical profession.

#3 – Will a Hospital Support the Needs of You and Your Family?

This point is of particular importance for doctors who are relocating from another part of the country or plan to come in from overseas. If you seek a residency position with a particular hospital, what does that hospital offer as far as support and assistance go for you and your family? Do they offer any kind of support at all, such as helping with relocation expenses, finding you suitable accommodation, helping you ease into the job role and lifestyle of your new area?

These are all very important considerations when relocating for your new position and something you should definitely seek answers to before making any firm decisions.

#4 – Should You Be a Locum Or Seek a Permanent Position?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. It really just depends on your personal circumstances and what you’re hoping to achieve. For doctors who have a family to support, then the stability a permanent position offers will likely be more ideal. For doctors currently living the single life, then the idea of being a locum could be appealing, as you have more time freedom and you are also free to travel to various parts of Australia, seeing more of the country as you work as a locum doctor in various locations. This is something to certainly think about.

#5 – Discuss Your Options With a Dedicated Medical Recruitment Agency

For local and overseas doctors alike, one of the easiest and most efficient ways of discovering your options and having your questions answered is to seek the assistance of a dedicated medical recruitment agency. These agencies specialise in positions for medical professionals and will readily be able to answer any queries you may have and be able to advise you on the requirements and the best course of action to find the job you desire.

No matter where you are in the country or around the world, getting in touch with a medical recruitment firm should be your very first course of action. It will save you a lot of time and possible confusion, as you will be dealing with industry experts that have the answers.

In Conclusion

Working as a doctor in Australia is an aspiration that can be achieved with the right knowledge and professional assistance. So long as you fully understand what’s required and what your options are, then you can take positive steps towards obtaining that goal.

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