Do past years’ question papers help in clearing the NDA? How would many previous year papers be enough?

posted by Chris Valentine

Past years’ question papers lend an enormous support to candidate’s preparation. The candidates greatly benefited in many ways by practicing last years’ question papers. The NDA written exam is challenging, and the candidates should solve previous years’ question papers for the best preparation. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the solving NDA previous question papers for written exam:

  1. Blueprint of the exam: The previous years’ question papers provide the blueprint of the questions expected in this years’ question papers. Most of the question paper-setters have their favorite list of topics to be included in the question papers. The candidates get a fair idea of what to expect in the NDA written test on the exam day.
  1. Parameter for assessment of preparation strategy: The candidates should regularly solve the previous years’ question papers of the NDA written test. The results achieved will give an accurate picture of how much more the candidates should be practicing. The candidates can ascertain the time duration to solve, the difficulty level of questions, and preparation levels.

  1. The trend in question papers: The candidates can know the difficulty level of questions and how the same varies from year to year. Based on previous years’ question papers, the candidates can ascertain the trending topics covered in the NDA written exam. For General Ability Test, the candidates will be able to list out the questions based on general knowledge and current affairs of National & International importance.

  1. The most reliable source for practice: The previous years’ question papers are the actual questions asked to the candidates. The candidates should check the cut-off of the NDA written test and compare it with their scores. The candidates who achieve lower scores should make amends to their preparation strategy.

  1. Overcoming time constraint: The candidates who have significantly less time to prepare should practice previous years’ question papers of NDA written test. Regular practice will help them get in the mode of solving papers and identify the areas that require attention. Every question paper solved will help them increase confidence and cover up the preparation gaps.

  1. Helping candidates from Non-Mathematics backgrounds: The army allows candidates from all streams to become coveted NDA Officers, but they need to clear the mandatory Mathematics paper. The candidates can get perfect help from previous years’ question papers to list out topics coming and prepare the strategy to get the bare minimum marks to clear the NDA written exam.

How many previous papers would be enough to clear the NDA written exam?

All the candidates must solve the previous years’ question papers to understand the pattern of the exam, but how many it depends upon many factors:

  1. Time factor: If a candidate has very little time left for the NDA written test, they should solve at least one question paper every day. Regular practice will help the candidate cover up many topics that cannot be covered through regular preparation.
  1. Non-Mathematics Background: If a candidate is from Non-Mathematics background, they should cover the mathematics portion of at least ten to twelve papers. Regular practice with BYJU’s Exam Prep will help get the confidence going, and the candidates will be making a strategy to clear the math portion quickly.

  1. First-time Exam givers: The candidates giving the exam for the first time should practice at least eight to ten papers to get the confidence going. If the scores achieved are below the cut-off, the candidates should increase the practice time for NDA written test.

Good Luck!

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