Why Your Essay Never Works Out The Way You Plan It

posted by Chris Valentine

Truth be told, we can never be equal. And all through college or high school life, there will always be those individuals that pass no matter what and those who fail. But sometimes, scoring badly has nothing to do with being a bad writer rather using the wrong concepts. So if you have been considering yourself a mediocre essay writer, then it’s time you learn why they never really work out.

And perhaps this will help you walk towards that breakthrough you have been waiting for all your life. Let’s get started?

You Have Been Writing About Your Vast Traveling Experiences

There is nothing wrong about wanting to share with the world your various travel adventures. But the problem comes when you come out as a know-it-all. Your college admissions officer might view it as being arrogant or proud. You can always find better ways to express your experiences that put them in a way that will make someone feel downgraded.

It’s About Your Service To The Community

Giving back to the community is one of the most amazing and humbling experience any human being can have. But that won’t earn you a crown, especially when the officer in charge knows there is no way you could have financed it yourself. Plus, this topic has become too common and they might view it as your way of trying to get a freeway admission. If you don’t have enough time to come up with a unique, customized topic, then it’s better to buy essay writing service than embarrass yourself. Here you will only focus on providing the special requirements for your perfect-matched essay writer and wait for the review, which is time-saving.

You Wrote About Your Dream School

You will obviously come across a “why this school” segment in your essay. But unfortunately, most students misunderstand this question and go ahead to write about their dream school. Like really? Wrong move! This should be about you. Avoid giving personal statements that you would, later on, be required to change.

It’s About Your Grandparents

It’s commendable to love your grandparents, actually, everyone should. But no matter how accomplished you feel they are, you wouldn’t want to bore the college office with their success story. After all, they aren’t the ones being tested. You should instead focus the energy on showcasing your personality and what you will be bringing to the table.

The Topic Is Controversial

Yes, you want to stand out, but not in a peculiar way. By all means, avoid bringing forth arguments that have thick argument lines. You might think you’re being smart, but the receiving officer would think otherwise. Topics such the ones surrounding sex escapades, daring alcohol experiences and legalization of drugs are among the few you would rather remain mum about; in your essay.

Writing an essay can be both a thrilling and scary experience depending on how you look at it and your previous experience. But there are some mistakes that you make unintentionally that can cost that anticipated positive outcome. And the best way to avoid this is by knowing which topics to avoid. The above list is just but an example and we hope it opened your eyes.

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