The Social Side of Effective CRM

posted by Chris Valentine

Social media has been a bright spot in the world of customer relationship management in the past few years, and its effectiveness continues to bring good news to companies who want a straightforward way to build solid lines of communication between themselves and customers. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have billions of users between them and the voluntary nature in which customers communicate with their favorite brands is a miraculous development in the world of marketing. Getting to know customers got one step closer to easy the moment social media took the Internet by storm.

The Ways Social Media Builds Relationships

One quick look at this page gives you a closer view of how social media transforms your marketing strategy: Building relationships with customers is partly about knowing those customers exist in the first place. When you have a social media page, you instantly open your brand up to immediate interaction with and information from customers in a direct, black and white line of communication. With a solid social media strategy, customers can:

– Feel like they are a part of your brand
– Ask you direct questions
– Receive immediate answers to those questions
– Stay informed of your products and services
– Feel appreciated and valuable to your brand

That’s just the beginning. In recent years, fan pages of brands have given a whole new dimension to marketing. Some customers may even be compelled to create their own social media websites that celebrate products and brands. Even better than a solid social media website for your brand, though, is a company that has vast expertise in how to make your social media strategy work.

Social media strategies

Social media is the ideal ongoing conversation between a brand and the people who appreciate its top qualities. While a solid social media strategy can work from scratch, some of the most effective social CRM comes from powerhouses like Salesforce, a leading brand in customer relationship management. They’ve streamlined everything so that your social CRM is backed by the best research in the topic and packed full of success straight out of the gates.

Their product has helped thousands of companies achieve their full social media potential. Other automated software products have also made headline. What they do is take the top research about social media and customer relationship management and combine this knowledge with software that is easy to use and tracks productivity from the beginning of each campaign. The software itself adjusts as the results pour in.

Any brand that feels like it has room to grow can benefit from a social media customer relationship management campaign. The results will pay for themselves. Keep in mind that this takes nothing away from your current marketing strategies, but instead adds an extra weapon in your marketing arsenal to propel businesses further in their success. Many of these software companies offer free trials to show you what their knowledge adds to your brand name.

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