How to be writing hero : Read it (Or regret later)

posted by Chris Valentine

Writing is a passion and a nightmare both for some people at the same time. Including school students, college going boys or girls, and researchers face good or bad experience in writing.

One thing that is common is the thinking of people in writing. Lots of people agree that the writing is the easiest way to share their experience, knowledge, and ideas with others.

Public speaking definitely another way to share experiences, success stories, and of course knowledge, but, speaking on stage required lots of encouraging, and of course self-confidence.

While the writing needs knowledge and cool mind, No need to fear of face crowd etc. But, for make writing effective that not only easily understandable, but also knock in a reader’s heart or mind, follow some rules such as:

  1. Write early, write often. Your mind is loose and still in a creative state of dreaming. The stresses of the day will crush good ideas Source: WritingCheap
  2. Write without stopping to edit.
  3. Make a plan before you start writing. At least know who your protagonist and antagonist is. Know some basics and write down a rough plan of where you want your story to go. You can make it in details as possible or as you need. But if you don’t have a plan you will get stuck quickly.
  4. Make writer friends because they will help make you a better writer.
  5. Study the craft of writing because it never hurts to start with a good foundation.
  6. Inspiration is fleeting; habit is where the work gets done. Make sure the writing is your daily habit just like going to the gym. As you can’t skip the gym, same can’t ignore writing even not a single day.
  7. Remember that a first draft is just telling yourself the story. The magic happens in rewrites and edits. As Hemmingway put it, write drunk, edit sober.
  8. All writers are terrible writers when they start a new project. Famous writers are terrible writers without editors and rewrites.
  9. Study and learn the basics of the genre you want to write in. But don’t be afraid to break all the rules. It’s your story and your world, as long as it works for you it will work for the reader.
  10. 10.Read often. Read not only in the genre. You want to write in but in all areas. Reading other writer’s work and studying it to learn their structure and style will help you develop your own style. Every writer has a unique voice. Study each writer’s voice and see how you can make your own voice.

Final words

These are the bonus tips and the summary of the steps mentioned above. By following a writing hack that has been running for a long time is still as effective today.

And the heck is –“Keep your sentences and paragraphs as short as possible” improve your writing skill.

And, this evergreen hack works for all types writing and in any language, forever.

For avoiding stuck in writing, don’t overwhelm. Don’t be a night owl.

No need to treat writing as a supreme goal to achieve, instead follow Japan’s rule and break the process in small pieces.

Take writing as a daily life activity, and every day is your step in the right direction, this practice will keep you calm down, even in case you fail in writing.

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